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JCerr, John, & Son, boot, shoe, and leather mer-
chants, Campbell arcade, 34 Candleriggs ; bi'anch
warehouse, 9 and 11 Eoyal arcade (head of Hope
Kerr, Joseph, grocer and provision merchant, 233
Saracen st; ho. 239 do.
Kerr, Laurence, locksmith, 153J London St.; branch,
25 Main street, Shettleston ; ho. 133 London st.
Kerr, Matthew, gi-ocer, 146 Gloucester street; house,
340 Scotland street
Kerr, Matthew, grocer, 7 Belgrave st. ; ho. 24 do.
Kerr, Michael, hardware and stationery, 801 Gallow-
gate ; ho. 38 Crownpoint st.
Kerr & Mitchell, coahnasters, Glenclelland and
Knownoble Collieries, Wishaw; depots, St. Rollox,
Gushetfaulds, and Stobcross ; office, 63 Bath st.
Telegraph address, " Colliery," Glasgow ; tele-
phone No. 967.
Kerr, Newton, & Co., merchants, ship owners, and
ship and insurance brokers, 97 Buchanan street;
telephone No. 3284.
Kerr, Peter, general dealer, 34 St. Andrew's street.
Kerr, Peter, vocalist, 39 Garthland drive.
Kerr & Phillips, wholesale silver plate merchants,
spoon and fork manufacturers, electroplaters and
gilders, importers of French clocks, bronzes, &c.,
74 Buchanan street.
Kerr, Richard, builder, Zona place, Clydebank.
Kerr & Richardson, Ltd., wholesale and export
stationers, booksellers, print dealers, &c., 89
Queen st.
Ker, E. Charles (at A. Mitchell, jun., & Son's, 112
Brunswick street), ho. 1 Oakvale, Billhead.
Kerr, Robert, warehouseman, 54 and 56 King street,
■Tradeston; ho. Madoc villa, Ibrox.
Kerr, R. Brown, agency inspector, North British and
Mercantile Insurance Co. ; ho. 244 Langside rd.
Kerr, Robert, comb maker, spectacles, fancy goods,
brushes, toys, &c., 35 Paisley road, west.
Kerr, Robert (at MacLean, Fyfe & MacLean's), ho.
248 Albert road, Pollokshields.
Kerr, Robert \V., fruit merchant, 413 Gt. Western rd.;
house, 39 West-end Park street.
Kerr, R. C, clothier, 60 Kent road.
■Kerr, Robert C, Harbour Master, Port Dundas ; ho.
Victoria cottage, Hamilton hill.
Kerr, Robert, jobbing smith, 49 Kerr street ; house,
89 Cubie st.
Kerr, Robert, estate and property agent, house
factor, valuator, impliment and insurance agent,
189 St. Vincent st. ; house, 307 do.
Kerr, Robert (of G. Crow & Co.), ho. 24 Carfin st.
Kerr, Robert, fruiterer, 486 Calder st. ; ho. 638 do.
KeiT, Robert (of Robert Walker), 131 Govan tt. ;
ho. 14 Annette st.
Kerr, Robert E. (of John Kerr & Son), ho. 2 Strath-
allan ten, Dowanlull.
Kerr, Robert (of G.P.O.), ho. 86 North Frederick st.
Kerr, Robert C., wine and spirit merchant, 21 Argyle
street; ho. 91 North Hanover street.
Kerr, Thomas, smith, lockmaker, stair railer, electric
and mechanical bellhanger and gasfitter, 75 Norfolk
lane ; ho. 36 Warwick st.
Kerr, Thomas, & Co., timber and stave brokers,
' Central Chambers, 93 Hope street.
Kerr, Thomas (of Thos. Kerr & Co., 93 Hope street),
ho. 8 Garrioch gardens, Kelvinside, north.
Kerr, Thomas M. (at W. B. Bl'Iver & Co.'s), house, 5
Broomliill avenue.
Kerr, T. K. & Co., silk scarf and handkerchief
manufacturers (power-loom), Dahnamock Weaving
Factory, 9 Springfield road.
Kerr, Thomas K. (of T. K Kerr & Co.), house, 19
Binnie place.
Kerr, Thomas, headmaster, Camden Street Public
School ; res. Af ton lodge. Mount Florida.
Kerr, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 100 Crown
St., and 282 S. Wellington st. ; ho. 33 Abbotsford
KeiT, William, & Co., flour merchants, 42 Hope st.
Kerr, William, & Co., wholesale wine and spirit mer-
chants, 93 Ingram street.
Kerr, William (of Wm. Kerr & Co., 42 Hope st.),
ho. 260 West George st.
Kerr, Wm. (at R. M'''Callum's, 2 Great Wellington
St.), house, 36 Cathcart street, Kingston.
KeiT, William, church officer, St. Mary's Parish
Church, Partick; ho. 328 Dumbarton rd., do.
Ker, William, 1 Windsor terrace, Kelvinside.
Kerr, William J. (of Walter Craig, junr., 26 Carlton
court), 160 Oxford street.
Kerr, Wm., club manager. Merchants Club, 17
Cochrane st.; ho. 137 Duke st.
Kerr, William C, M.A., L.L.B., writer, 58 Ren-
field St. ; ho. 9 Nelson ter. , Hillhead.
Kerr, Wm. (Lee Spinning Co.), ho. 12 Walmer ter.
Kerr, Wm. (at Struthers & Co.), ho. 28 James Orrst
Ker, William D., writer (of Laurence Thomson &
Fouhs), 140 Hope st.
Kerr, Wm., wholesale and retail fruit, vegetable, and
potato merchant, 120 George street, 9 Dunchattan
St., and 286 Hunter st; ho. 118 Georgo st.
Kerr, William M., tailor and clothier, 2 Great Wel-
lington street.
Kerr, WiUiam, accountant, house factor and insurance
agent, 45 Montrose st.; ho. 13 Ronald st.
Kerr, William, chandler, 18 Marlborough street.
KeiT, Mrs. Henry, 5 Westbourne gardens.
Kerr, Mrs. J., pawnbroker, 6 Blackie st. ; ho., 4 do.
Kerr, Mrs. .Janet, fruiterer, 175 Parliamentary road;
ho. 106 Taylor st.
Kerr, Mrs. J., fruiterer, 397 Cathcart road.
Kerr, Mrs. Wm., 2 Park terrace. Queen's drive.
Ker, Mrs., 70 West Cumberland st.
Kerr, Miss, wine and spirit merchant, 429 Govan
street ; ho. 242 Crown st.
KeiT, Miss, 5 Newton place.
Kerr, Helen, draper, 289 and 291 Dukest.
KERIN, T. M., Inland Revenue officer, 4 Carlton pi.
KESSON, Andw. (of Kesson & Campbell), engineer ;
res. Clydebank house, Bothwell.
Kesson & Campbell, engineers and iron founders,
Carntyne Foundry and Engineering Works,
Parkhead. — See Advt. in Ap.
Kesson & Campbell, engineers and iron founders,
Greenfield Foundry and Engine Works, near
Hamilton. — See Advt. in App.
Kesson, John, wine and spirit merchant, 46 Mait-
land street and 18 WiUiam st. Cowcaddeus; ho.
43 Dalhousie street.
Kessen, Wm. A., commission agent, 40 Union st. ;
ho. 18 S Pollok St.
KETTERER, Aaron, watchmaker and jeweller, 15
KETTLE, David, tea merchant and grocer, 217
London rd. ; ho. 11 Wardlaw hill, Rutherglen.
Kettle, David, grocer, 14 Albion pi., Clydebank,
Kettle, John, grocer, 240 Saracen st.

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