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Cliristie, W. E., M.A., joint head-master, Collegiate
School, Ctimphill st.; ho. 3 Queen Mary terrace.
Christ)', W. M., & Sons (Limited), of Manchester,
cotton spinners and manufacturers, the original
inventors and patentees of the Koyal Tm-kish
towels, in both cotton and linen ; also, manufac-
turers of all classes of faacy towels ; agent, J. F.
Andrew, 1 Prince's square.
Christie, \Vm., tobacco pipe manufacturer, 16 and 20
Craignestock street; house, 7 Somerville place.
Chiystie, Wm. (of Chrystie & Brownlee), house, 30
Regent Park square
Christie, Wm., insurance agent, 244 Thistle st., S.S.
Chfisiie, Wm., hairdresser, 449 Rutherglen road; ho.
499 Dalmarnock road.
Christie, Mrs. Ellen, agency and registry for servants,
134 Bnccleuch street.
Christie, BIrs., pianoforte teacher, 236 Langside road.
Christie, Jliss, 24 Willowbank street.
Christmas and Mascotte Gold Miuing Co., Ltd.,
secretary, A. P. Stanley M'Quisten, C.A., 33 Ren-
fiekl St.
CHRYSTAL, Bell, & Co., Italian warehousemen,
wholesale and retail wine, whisky, and brandy
merchants, 721 Great Western road.
Chrystal, James (at Plantation Bakeries), house, 23
Cliflbrd St.
Chrystal, James, accountant and stockbroker, 75 St.
George's place; ho. 2 Cecil st., Hilihead.
Chrystal, J. G. (of Thomas Thomson & Co.,
marine insm-ance brokers), 8 Royal Exchange bldgs.
Chrystal, John, baker, 276 St. George's road.
Chrystal, Robert, 2 Park Circus place.
Chrystal, Robert, & Sons, family grocers, Italian
warehousemen, and wine, whisky, and brandy mer-
chants, 1 Charing cross.
Chrystal, Wm. J., chemical manufacturer (of John &
James White, 7 West George street and Shawtield
Works, Rutherglen), ho. 7 Park cii-cus and Calder-
wood Castle, High Bkntyre.
Chrystal, BIrs. Andrew, 12 Queen's crescent.
Chrystal, BIrs. Patrick, 155 Hill street, Gamethill.
Chrystal, BIrs., 3 Teviot terrace.
Chrystal, Bliss, tobacconist, 274 St. George's rd.
CHUBB & Sons, Lock and Safe Co. (Limited), patent
safe and lock manufacturers; sole agent, Wm. P.
Laidlaw, 80 St. 'X^incent street.
CHUGG, George, butcher, 357 New City road; ho.
161 do.
CHURCH, W. R. BI., chartered accountant and stock-
broker, 104 West George st ; ho. 2 Athole gardens.
Church, W. H. BL (of William Church & Co.),
residence, Auchnacloich, Rahane.
Church, William, & Co., merchants and manufacturers',
88 Renfield street.
Ciuixh, Bliss, 15 Cumberland st. west.
Church of Christ, 41 Bro\TO street, city.
Church of Christ, 294 Cathcart rd.
Cjbils' Extracts of Bleat ; agents, D. & J. Parke*-,
7 Montrose st.
CiRCCLAR Addressing Agency, W. S. Brown & Co.,
agents, 143 West Regent st.
Citizen Newspaper OfBce (Evening and Weekly),
Citizen buildings, St. Vincent place; telephone num-
ber, commercial department, 1025, editorial de-
partment, 1430.
Branches: —
108-110 Eglinton street. Telephone No. 1420
12 Cleland street. do do 1421
63 Watt street. Telephone No. 1422
42 Dumbarton road. do do 1423
242 New City road. do do 1424
62 Sauchiehall street do do 1425
83 London street. do do 1426
35 London road. do do 1427
692 Gallowgate. do do 1428
11 Parliamentary road, do do 1429
and at 74 Fleet street, London, E.C. ; Gilmour st.,
Paisley (telephone No. 45), and 4 Blansion house
lane, Greenock (telephone No. 28).
City Assessor's Office, City Chambers, 249 George
st. ; James Henry, assessor.
City Calendering and Finishing Works, 114 John
street, James Wright & Co., Ld.
City Chamberlain, JamesNicol, George square and 285
George street ; ho. 6 Westbourne ten
City Chambers, 285 George street.
City Clothes Blarket, 61 and 63 Greendyke street
City Commercial Restaurant Co. (Limd.), 60 Union st.
City Equitable Pawnbrokins; Co. (Alex. Chalmers,
manager), 2 North Coburgst. and 131 Oxford st
City Equitable Pawnbroking Co., 2 North Coburg
St. and 131 Oxford st; A. Smith, proprietor.
City of Glasgow Bottling Stores, and aerated water
manufactory, 44 Renfrew street.
City of Glasgow Friendly Society; .James Stewart,
manager, 6 Richmond St.; house, 8 do.
City of Glasgow Life Assurance Co., 30 Ren-
field street; F. F. Elderton, manager; George
Gray, secretary. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
City of Glasgow Loan Bank Company, money lenders
and bill discounters, 85 Candleriggs; T. J. Dickson,
City of Glasgow Mourning Warehouse, 387 Sauchie-
hall St., Blatheson & Keay.
City of Glasgow (The) Native Benevolent Association,
John E. Watson, hon. treasurer, 149 St. Vincent st.
City of Glasgow Pickling Co., piciile and sauce
manufacturers, Craigton road, Govan.
City of Glasgow Towing Co., 74 Broomielaw, Glas-
gow, and Palmerston Buildings, Greenock; A, &
W. M'Kinnon, agents.
City of Glasgow Union Railway Co.; factor's office,
88 Dunlop street.
City Hall, 90 to 98 Candleriggs and 29 South Albion
St. ; Walter Freer, curator ; ho. 29 So. Albion st.
City Iron Foundry, warehouse and show rooms, 9 Croy
pi., head of Blaxwell st.
City Ironmonger Stores (Shaw, Walker, & Co.),
ironmongers, 14 to 18 Union st.
City Line of Sailing Ships; Geo. Smith & Sons, 75
Bothwell street
City Line of Steam Ships to India, via Suez Canal ;
Geo. Smith & Sons, 75 Bothwell street
City Loan and Deposit Bank, 54 Gordon street
City Blanure Office, City Chambers, 64 Cochrane st.
City of Blelbourne Bank (Limd.), head office, Mel-
bourne ; London office, 117 Bishopsgate st., E.C;
agents, Finlayson & Auld, writers, 213 W. George st
City Oi-phan Home, Working Boys' Home, Young
Women's Shelter, Children's Nijiht Refuge, and
Blission Hall, 13 to 23 James Blorrison street
Telephone No. 3326.
City Parish Poorhouse, 322 Parliamentary road.
City Pawnbroking Co. (Archd Smith, proprietor), 3
Washington St. and 79 Brown St., Anderston; 1
Melville St., Tradeston ; and 225 Garscube road ;
ho. 44 Gibson st, Hilihead.

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