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James Clark, country
Thomas Graham, eaft fide Virginia-flreet
Claud Marfhall, fouth fide Trongate, above No. 1 7
John Maxwell, fen. Hoodie's wynd fouth fide Argyle-
Archibald Govan, north fide Prince's-flreet
John Robb, fouth fide, Salt-market
George Riddoch, north fide Salt-market above No. 69
George Smith, fouth fide Gallowgate, next clofe Gal-
lowgate bridge on the eafl fide
Robert Crofs
James Buchanan, at the Saracen's Head
Matthew Gilmour, eafl fide High-ftreet above No. 153
John Maxwell, jun. Horn's Court by St. Enoch's church
John Wilfon, jun. eafl fide Salt-market above No. 49
Robert M'Aulay, 2d clofe from the crofs wefl fide High-
ftreet (194
Robert Graeme, fen. eafl fide High-flreet above No.
Robert Park, weft fide Salt-market above No. 82
John Hamilton, eaft fide Salt-market above No. 26
Archibald Graham, eaft fide Virginia-flreet
Benj. Barton, north fid,e Trongate above No. 119
Thomas Buchanan, north fide Trongate Buchanan's
back land 2d fiat
John Scales, fouth fide Trongate head of the New Wynd
James Cunnifon, Sheriff's Ofhce
David Scott, 2d fiat fouth fide Gibfon's land
Alexander M'Culloch, 3d flat Ingram's land wefl fide
John Dillan
Archibald Smith, wefl fide Candleriggs
John Lang, oppofite Tron church above No. iii
David Hutchefon, ift fiat corner land wefl fide head
John Shiels, Sheriff's â– ofhce Gallowgate
James Mathie, 3d fiat Donald's land above No. 102.

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