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a "booze," he awoke in bed, rung the bell violently, and ordered iu
his shaving water at once, as time was up for school. The servant
girl, rather astonished, said, " Oh! Mr. Taylor, it's the Sabbath-day!"
"The Sabbath-day!" exclaimed the "Cub :" "glorious institution the
Sabbath!" as he turned round for another snooze.
Teacher in Buchanan's Court, and afterwards head master of the
Grammar School — a man of immense proportions, and known by the
nickname of "Gutty Wilson." He was a member of the corps of
volunteers designated the ' ' ancients, " on account of their personal
appearance; and on one occasion, while being dressed in line by an
Irish drill-sergeant, the latter exclaimed, "Very well in front; but,
holy Moses! what a rear!"
Accountant in the Ship Bank, under the redoubtable Robin Carrick.
Mr. Marshall is described as a cadaverous-looking personage, with a
whisky-painted nose, gaunt in figure, and about six feet in height.
He was in the habit of taking burnt cake to kill the smell of the
meridian drams ; and when he first made this important discovery,
he entered the bank in triumph with a bit of the brown cake in his
hand. Coming behind a bottle companion at the desk (as he
believed), Mr. Marshall gave him a hearty slap on the back, and,
presenting the piece of cake, exclaimed, "Here, my old cock, is one
of Robin's deceivers for you !" The "old cock" was Robin himself!
the rest is left to the reader's imagination.
Better known as "Bauldy Wright," was an old Highlander, and
kept a small shop in the Trongate, where he sold drugs and garden
seeds. He was also the proprietor and sole inventor of "Wright's
Powders," the virtues of which have been described in the fOllowing^
fashion: — "If they did nae harm, they could do nae guid !"
Another old Highlander and druggist in the Trongate, who also
dealt in silver plate, hardware, toys, tea, and quack medicines,
including the famous "Balm of Gilead." Angus kept a shopman or
porter named Murdoch M 'Donald, who, according to the advertise-
ments, had been cured of every disease incident to humanity by a
liberal use of his master's drugs.

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