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Thomson, Rev. James, St Clement's, Edengrove.
James, tailor, 58 Nethergate.
James, manufacturer, 21G Perth. Road.
James, tailor, 94 Hawkhill.
James, shoemaker, 24 Seafield Lane.
James, clerk, 6 Park Lane.
John, teacher, 24 Dudhope Street.
John, of White and Thompson, 40 Union Street.
John, grocer and spirit-dealer, 45 Perth Road.
Peter, manufacturer, 348 Perth Road,
Peter, collector to Gas Company, 214 Perth Road.
Robert, smith, 22 Murraygate; h. 51 Overgate.
R. H., and Co. jewellers and dentists, 28 Nethergate;
h. 37 High Street.
Samuel C, corn merchant, 12 Dock Street; h. Annfield
House, Broughty Ferry.
Thomas, grocer, 51 Wellgate.
Thomas, spirit-dealer, 180 Overgate.
William, shipmaster, 22 Tod Burn Lane.
William, clothier, 8 Reform Street ; h. 5 do.
William, hoiser, 67 Scouringburn.
Widow, 83 Overgate.
Mi's, fruiterer, Malthouse Close, 58 Nethergate.
Mrs William, Speed's Close, 19 Overgate.
Miss Margaret, milliner, 18 Barrack Street.
Mrs W. & Son, upholsterers and paper-hangers, Ran-
kin's Close, 6 Murraygate.
Mrs, grocer, 11 Small's Wynd.
Mrs, flesher, 52 Murraygate.
Misses, dressmakers, 79 Murraygate.
Mrs J., St Paul's Court, 61 Murraygate.
Betty, tripe cleaner, St Margaret's Close.
Mrs J., vintner, 3 West Dock Street.
Thornton, James, vintner, 36 Henderson's Wynd,
William, agent, 25 St Andrew's Place; h. Newport.
William, Prussian vice-consul, 28 St Andrew's Street.
Thow, Thomas, writer, 8 Mid Shore.
Tinder, Thomas, feuar, Smithfield.
Tod, Mrs, 22 Crichton Street.
Todd, Francis H., baker, 181 Overgate.
Hugh, baker and spirit-dealer, 18 Seagate.
James, 122 Seagate; h. Bonnybank Road.
James, grocer, 18 Seafield Lane, Perth Road.
John, merchant and manufacturer, Sydney Place, Constitu-
tion Road.
John, 81 Overgate.
J., milliner, 140 Overgate.

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