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Taylor, "William O. jun., shipmaster, 36 Nethergate.
William, and Son, nurserymen, Rosefield Nursery, Black-
ness Road.
William, bookbinder and stationer, 33 Union Street.
William, lath-splitter, Ward Road; h, 87 King Street.
William, grocer, 87 Murraygate.
Isabella, grocer, and spirit-dealer, 175 Overgate.
Mrs D., milliner, 62 Overgate.
Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 8 Crichton Street.
Mrs Mary, 1 Westfield Place, Perth Road.
Mrs, 4 Coupar's Alley, Wellgate.
Tennant, Thomas, confectioner, 19 do,
Tervet, Thomas, shipmaster, 31 George's Place.
Thain, James, shipowner, 37 Exchange Street; /*. Cherrybank, 31
Magdalen Yard Road.
John, merchant and shipowner, 37 Exchange Street; h.
Heathpark by Blairgowrie.
Theatre Royal, 15 Castle Street.
Thistle Hall (John Cooper, keeper), 15 Union Street.
Third, James B., precentor of Wishart Church ; A. 12 Long Wynd.
Thomas, James B. C. M., surgeon ; surgery 4 Crescent Street,
Prince's Street ; h. 3 Craig Street.
John, chemist, medical ball, 67 High Street; A. 3 Craig
Thoms, George, clothier, 3 Crichton Street; h. Shore Terrace.
George, merchant, St Andrew's Place ; A. 11 King Street.
George, Dutch and Danish consul, 20 St Andrew's Place.
George, merchant. Bell's Land, Mid Shore.
James, feuar, 213 Pole Park Road.
John, merchant, 47 High Street; h. 1 South Union Street.
Peter, do. do. 1 do.
Patrick H., merchant and banker, 14 St Andrew's Place;
h. Cresent House.
Mrs, grocer, 56 Constable Street.
Mrs, 146 Nethergate.
Mrs George, 18 Wellington Street, Forebank.
Thomson, Alexander W., mason, 9 Thomson's Lane.
Andrew, shoemaker, 6 Stobswell Road.
David, tailor, 34 Bucldemaker Wynd.
David, engraver and printer, 69 Reform Street.
David, teacher, Public Seminaries; h 32 Castle Street.
Edward A., Rev., Paton's Lane, Perth Road.
George, sworn timber m easurer and bulker; h. 77 Seagate.
Henrv, leather merchant, 10 Barrack Street; h. Camp-
bell's Close, 75 High Street.
J. W,, writer, 21 Castle Street; h. Spring Bank, Ar-
broath Road.

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