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Ritchie, John, grocer, coal merchant, and house factor, 22^Black-
ness Road, Gowdenknows.
P. D., Dundee and Liverpool Shipping; Office, 49 Castle
Street; h. 30 Reform Street.
Peter, grocer, 27 Bucklemaker Wynd.
Robb, David, shipbroker, 4 Gellatly Street.
James, shoemaker, 124 Prince's Street.
James, grocer and spirit-dealer, 38 West Port.
James, bootmaker, 39 West Port ; A. Brown Street.
James, hairdresser, 6 Ann Street, Maxwelltown.
Joseph, manufacturer, 40 Cowgate ; h. Kirriemuir.
John, shipmaster, Young's Close, 66 Murraygate.
Mrs, Paton's Lane, Perth Road.
Misses, 1 Meadow Street, Wellgate.
Roberts, James, feuar, James' Park, Albert Street.
Robertson, Alexander, teacher, top of Jamaica Street; h. Eiiz?.-
beth Street, Maxwelltown,
Alexander, fish-dealer. Fish Market; A. above Crown
Alexander, steward, 10 West Dock Street.
Alexander, spirit-dealer, 46 Scouringburn.
Alexander, spirit-dealer, 26 Bell Street.
Andrew, manufacturer, 47 Cowgate ; h. 208 Hawkhill.
and Brown, 42 High Street; /;. 142 Miln's Buildings,
David (of Moon, Langlands, & Co.), 2 Union Street.
David, merchant, 135 Hawkhill.
David, grocer, Reid's Land, Bucklemaker Wynd.
David, shipmaster, 14 St Andrew's Street.
David, builder, Meadowside ; h. 57 Hilltown.
David, clerk, 5 Meadow Close, 56 Murraygate.
Donald, grocer and spirit-dealerj 130 Murraygate.
Duncan, vintner and tailor, 63 Seagate.
Ebenezer, hosier, 20 Murraygate ; A. 19 High Street,
(south side.)
Francis, manufacturer, agent for Atlas Insurance Com-
pany, 44 St Andrew's Street ; h. 26 Springfield, Perth
George & Co., upholsterers, Rankin's Close, 6 Murray-
George, grocer and spirit-dealer, 33 Wellgate.
George, hosier and umbrella maker, 40 Overgate ; h.
48 Overgate.
George, Union Close, Nethergate.
James, manufacturer, 31 Forebank Road.
James, shoemaker, 163 Hilltown.
James, pavement merchant, 1 Blackness Road.

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