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Officer ; John Fraser, Town-Officer and Drummer ; John Wat-
son, Council-Officer, Billet-Master, Inspector of the Markets,
and Weights and Measures.
David Pilmer, Superintendent, and head weigher and meter of
coals and lime.
Four day patrol and six night watchmen, .
John Stewart, Collector.
D. M. Jolly, Controller, and Controlling Surveyor of Warehouses,
James H. Blain, Collector's 1st Clerk ; David Walker, 2d do. j
James Scott, 3d do. ; William Scott, 4th do.
George Jack, Controller Tay Lights.
John W. Arkle, Landing Surveyor.
Andrew Henderson, James Kidd, Andrew Sceales, and John
Melville, Searchers, Landing and Coast Waiters.
Janet Mihi, Housekeeper.
Alfi'ed Mayne, Tide Surveyor.
William Cairncross and Robert Coventry, Lockers.
John Milln, Messenger — Nineteen Tidewaiters and four Boatmen.
Montrose Collection.
John Corbet, Collector — Mungo Park, Clerk.
Dundee District.
James Anderson, Supervisor.
James Atkinson, Michael Atkinson, Kenneth M'Bain, Officers.
Thomas Guest, Ganger — Paul Lamb, Permit Writer.
Supernumerary, William Todd — Expectant, J. Grandison, A.
M' Galium — Mrs Watson, Housekeeper.
26 Castle Street.
John Kerr, Distributor and Collector.
John Bell and William Soutar, Clei'ks.
Office hours, except Saturday, from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m., and from
6 to 3 P.M. On Saturdays^ from IQ a.m till 3 p.m.

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