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Council Harhour Trustees.
Provost/iBailies, and Dean of Guild, ex ojiciis, James Webster ap-
Council Commissioners under the Ale and Beer Duty Act,
The Provost ex officio, P. H. Thorns, Alexander Low, John Ken-
nedy, jun., Jolin Murdoch, Alexander Moncur.
"William Thoms, Dean of Guild.
Ward \st, Robert Adamson and George Thorns ; 2(i, George
Ower and John Durham ; 3c?, David Hean and John Miller; Ath,
Peter Hean and Alexander Lawson ; bth, James Webster; Gth,
Alexander Webster and John Kennedy; Tth, John Moir and A. J.
Warden ; Zth, George Cochrane and Thomas Powrie ; 9fA, Patrick
Gardiner and John Durham; lOth, William Sime; Wth, William
J. W. Baxter, Clerk. James PuUar, Collector.
James Allan, Officer.
From the County. — Viscount Duncan, Sir John Ogilvy of Inver-
quharity, David Hunter of Blackness, Thomas Erskine of Lin-
lath en.
Town- Council. — The Provost, the Bailies, and James Webster.
Guildry. — The Dean, David Baxter, Alex. Lawson, Andrew Low,
Alex. Martin, and Thomas Powrie.
Nine Trades. — John Mitchell, William Harris, Roderick Harris.
Three Trades. — Alexander Butchart.
Seamen Fraternity. — John Kennedy, jun.
John Cairncross, Treasurer. — George Milne, Clerk.
Simon Robertson, Collector of Shore Dues.
John Jack, Berthing-Master.
Jas. Brisbane, Master of Graving Dock and Patent Slip, and
Charles Ower, Superintendent of Works.
Finance- — David Baxter, Convener.
Works and Stores — Bailie Moyes.
Docks and Pilotage — John Kennedy, Convener.
Harhour Mights. — Bailie Sturrock.

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