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Holland, if addressed via France, may be sent daily ; paid to
Calais 5d not -xceeding h oz,, or throagli France lOd under ^ oz..
Is 3d under J oz., 2s Id under |- oz., 2s 6d under 1 oz., 3s 9d
under]|-oz., and so on. Newspapers to Holland, or passing
through, by Packet, Id, via France, 2d.
Honduras. Mails by which Letters, paid or unpaid, are despatched
on the mornings of the 2d (or, in the event of the 2d falling on a
Sunday, on the evening' of the 1st) of every month, via South-
ampton, Is not exceeding ^ oz., aiid so on. Newspapers free.
Hong Kong, See In^iia (East),
'Hungary. See Austria.
Illyeia. See Austria,
India (East). Closed Mails are made up on the 7th and 24th of
each month, unless they should happen on a Sunday, and then
the following day, and despatched via Marseilles, whence they
are forwarded by British Steam-boats. All paid Letters are
sent b}'' this route, unless otljerwise addressed. Must be paid
to Bombay, Is 10^1 under J oz., 2s 3d under h oz., 4s Id under
£ oz., 4s 6d under 1 oz., 7s 9d under IJ oz., and so on. Mails
for India are likewise forwarded via Southampton on the morn-
ings of the 3d and 20th of every month, unless they should hap-
pen on a Sunday, then the previous evening, Is net exceeding
J oz. ; on Letters for places within the territory of the East In-
dia Company, addressed '•' via Southampton," the payment is
optional; the Postage on all other Letters addressed to India,
as well as on all Letters addressed to countries beyond India
(the colony of Hong Kong excepted), by whatever route they
may be forwarded must be paid in advance. Newspapers, by
British Packet from Marseilles, 3d • free via Southampton.
lO-viAN Islands. Mails, by which the Postage is Is, not exceeding
h oz., and payment optional, ai-e forwarded via Southampton, on
the mornings of the 3d and 20th of every month (unless this
should happen on a Sunday), then the previous evening, or
daily vZa France, paid to Trieste, Is 3d under |- oz., 2s Id un-
der J oz., 3s 4d under f oz., 4s 2d under 1 oz., 5s lOd under
1| oz., and so on. If paid to destination by French Packet
from Marseilles, at the sime rates ; or may be paid to Calais, 5d
not exceeding ^ oz., and so on. Letters are forwarded by Closed
Mail on the 7th and 24th of every month via Marseilles, in British
Packets, Is 8d under J oz , 2s Id under ^ oz., 3s 9d under |- oz.,
4s 2d under 1 oz., 7s Id under Ij oz., and so on. All paid Let-
ters for the Ionian Islands, not otherwise directed, are "orvvarded
via Trieste. None can be despatched unpaid but via South-
ampton. Newspapers, free by Southampton Packet j or, if ad-

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