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a Sunday, and then on the following morning. Newspapers 2d
Barbary, no regular Packets. Letters are dispatched by Pri-
vate Ship, when opportunities occur, but these being but sel-
dom, Letters should be addressed to an agent at Malta or Gib-
raltar, which see.
Bavaria. Letters are sent on Tuesday and Friday, via Hambargh.
Postage, Is lOd not exceeding ^ oz., or through France daily, (if
so addressed) unpaid or paid to Calais, 5d not exceeding h cz., or
to destination is 8d under ;^ oz , 2s lid u'ader-|^ oz., 4s 7d under
^ oz., 5s lOd under 1 oz., 7s lid under l£ oz., and so on; or by
Belgium, (if so addressed), Postage 8d not exceeding^ oz. ; or
via Holland, on the mornings of "Wednesday and Saturday, (if
so addressed,) Postage 8d not exceeding ^ oz. Newspapers 2d
Belgium letters, paid or unpaid, are despatched daily to Ostend.
Postage Is under ^ oz., Is 4d under ^ oz., 2s 4d under £ cz., and
2s 8d under 1 oz., and soon ; or, if so addressed, daily via France,
must be paid to Calais, 5d not exceeding ^ oz. ; or may be paid
through France, lOd under ^ oz., Is 3d under ^ oz., 2s id under
|- oz., 2s Gd under 1 oz., Ss 9d under 1|- oz., and so on. News-
papers free.
Bermuda Letters, paid or unpaid, forwarded via Liverpool on the
evenings of the 3d and 18th of each month, except in December,
January, February, and March on the 3d onl\% or specially
directed n'a Soutliampton ; or by West India packet throughout
the year ; on the morning of the 17th, or, in the event of the
17th falling on a Sunday, on the morning of the 18th of every
month. Postage, paid or unpaid, by either route Is not exceeding
^ oz., and so on Newspapers free.
Bohemia. See Austria.
Brazil Letters, which must be paid, are despatched by sailing
packets, via Falmouth, on the evening of the first Tuesday in
every month, 2s 9d not exceeding J oz , and so on. From August
to January inclusive, the packet touches at Pernambuco and
Bahia on her outward passage to Rio Janeiro, and the other six
months on her homeward. Newspapers free.
Bremen (Free City). Mails by which Letters may be paid to des-
tination 8dnot exceeding A oz., and so on, or sent unpaid, are
despatched every Tuesday and Friday night by Thames packet
to Hamburgh ; or Letters addressed via France may be senfe
daily, unpaid or paid, to destination, Is 3d under ^ oz., 2s Id un-

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