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Southampton, 4d; via Marseilles^ 5d. To Java letters may be
forwarded via Holland Is, not exceeding ^ oz,, and so on.
Newspapers, Id.
Australia. Letters are sent throngh the Ship Letter Office, "by
Private Ship," 8d, not exceeding g- oz.; or (if specially so ad-
dressed), they can be forwarded " by Sydney Packet" on the
last day of every month. Postage, Is, not exceeding J oz. ; or, if
so addressed, by the Overland Mails via. Southampton and Mar-
seilles ; Postage, under ^ oz. 2s 2d, under h oz. 2s 7d, under f
oz. 43 9d, under 1 oz. 5s 2d, under l^oz. 9s Id; via Southamp-
ton, under ^ oz. Is 4d, under 1 oz." 23 8d, above 1 oz. 5s 4d,
and so on. Newspapers by Private Ship, Id each ; if addressed
" by Sydney Packet/' free; via Southampton, 2d; via Mar-
seilles, 5d.
Austrian Dominions and City of Belgrade. Letters forwarded
daily via France, unpaid or paid to destination, Is 5d under ^
oz.,2s 5d under |- oz., 3s lOd under f oz., 4s lOd under 1 oz.,
6s 8d under Ij oz. And on Tuesday and Friday, if so ad-
dressed, via Hamburgh, Is lOd not exceeding i- oz., paid in
advance, and so on ; or " via Holland," if addressed " via FvOt-
terdani/' Od not exceeding ^ oz. ; or via Belgium, if addressed
" by Ostend," and paid, 8d not exeeding J oz. Newspapers 2d
Azores Letters, which must be paid, are forvrarded on the 7th, 17th
and 27th of each month, ''via Southampton," unless these dates
fall on a Sunday, and then on the following morning, Postage Is
9d, not exceeding |- oz., and so on. Newspapers 2d.
Baden Letters are sent on Tuesday and Friday, via Hamburgh,
Postage Is lOd, not exceeding J oz., or through France daily (if
so addressed), paid to destination, 9d under ^ oz,, Is Id under J
oz.. Is lOd under f oz., 2s 3d under 1 oz., 3s 4d under Ijoz., and
so on, or by Belgium, if so addressed. Postage 8d not exceed-
ing J oz„ or via Holland, on the mornings of Wednesday and
Saturday, if so addressed^ 8d not exceeding J oz. Newspapers
2d each.
Bahamas, (the). Mails despatched on the mornings of the 2d and
17th of every month (excepting when those dates fall on a Sun-
day, in such cases the Mail of the 2d is despatched on the even-
ing of the 1st, and the mail of the I7th on the morning of the
18th) via Southampton, Is not exceeding ^ oz., paid or unpaid,
and so on. Newspapers free.
Balearic Islands. Letters, which must be paid (for rates of
Postage, see Spain) forwarded via France, unless specially di-
rected " via Southampton," when they are forwarded on the 7th,
I7tb, and 27th of each month, unless those dates should fall.oa

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