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Ships for a postage of one penny each, to be paid at the time of
putting in, under the same regulations as to dates.
Are forwarded free of charge to the sender. A rate of one half-
penny will be charged upon delivery in France.
The charges being the same each way, except from France,
vrhich are charged one halfpenny each.
All newspapers from abroad must be printed in the language of
the country from which they are sent.
The single uniform rate on Letters between the United King-
dom and places beyond seas ('except those for France, Belgium,
Holland, and Hamburgh, to which places the rates are the same as
by packet.) when conveyed hj private Ship, is 8d,in wdiatever part
of the United Kingdom the Letters may be posted or delivered.
The rates of postage on " Ship," as on other Letters, are taken
by v/eight.
Not exceeding half an ounce, Os 8i
» one „ 14
' „ two „ 2 8
„ three ,, 4 and so on.
The Owner, Charterers, or Consignees, (resident in the United
Kingdom,) and the Owner, Consignees, and Shippers of Goods on
board Vessels inward bound, are entitled to i-eceive their Letters
free from Sea Postage, to the extent collectively of six ounces in
â– weight, by any one vessel to any snch person. The Ovvucr, Char-
terer, or Consignee must be described as such on the address and
superscription; and in the case of Owners, Shi))pers, or Con-
signees of goods — (it must also appear by the Ship's manifest that-
they have goods on board the vessel) — such persons are entitled to
have their Letters, which come within the above conditions, before
the master of the v^essel delivers the other Letters in his charge
to the Post Office.
^'^ Every person who shall, with intent to evade any duty of
Postage, falsely superscribe a Letter, as being the Owner, or the
Charterer, or the Consignee of a vessel conveying the same, or as
the Owner, or the Shipper, or the Consignee of Goods shipped xQ
such vessel, shall, for every offence, forfeit Teix Pounds.

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