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It is not compulsory to send Newspapers or Supplements by
the Post. All Newspapers must be sent in covers open at the
sides, and no words or communication may be printed on such
pipers aftr the same shall have been published, nor must there
be any writing or marks upon any Newspapers or the cover, other
than the name and address of the party to whom it is sent, nor
any paper or thing enclosed or concealed in or with such paper,
or the cover ; nor any printed words or communication on the
covers, except that Newsvenders only may 'print their names and
addresses thereon.
Newspapers may be examined by the officers of the Post Office,
and if there be any breach of the above regulations, the packet is
chargeable with treble the amount of postage which a letter of the
same weight would have been liable to ; and any person who shall
write or inclose anything in a Newspaper, or the cover thereof, or
shall print any words or communication on a Newspaper after it
shall have been published, to be sent by the post, or any person
who shall knowingly send, or cause to be sent by the post., a News-
paper, in respect of which any one of those offences has been com-
mitted, may, at the option of the Postmaster-Genei"al, be pro-
^^ As the mere affixing a Newspaper Stamp on any new pe-
riodical publication will not entitle it, as a matter of course Ao pass
free hy the Post, those who may be about to publish, for the iirst
time, any such paper, should submit a copy to the Postmaster-
General, in order that it niay be determined whether the publi-
cation is of a nature that will entitle it to pass free of Postage.
Are delivered free of Postage at any place within the British do-
minions. Those for persons who have removed may be forwarded
by Post free of charge, provided they have not been opened at the
place to which they were originally addressed.
Newspapers liable to the Stamp Duty may be forwarded direct
to the British Colonies and possessions by her Majesty's Packet-
Boats, free of the duty of Postage, provided the same be duly
stamped and made up open at the ends, and put into the Office
within seven days after the day of publication.
Newspapers may also be forwarded to the Colonies by Private

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