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advance, or they will be liable to double the rate to which thej
would otherwise be subject.
The saiTie regulations apply 1o Letters pre-paid by money,
where the full and proper rate of postage has not been paid in
Whether containir.g coin or not, can be Registered on payment of
a Fee of one shilling in addition to the ordinary rates of Postage
on Inland and Colonial, as well as on Ship or Foreign Letters, or
Letters passing through France. On those for delivery witliin
France, the charges, besides the Registration Fee of one shilling,
will be the English rate to France, in addition to double the
French rate to the place to Nvhich the Letter is addressed. The
eame regulation applies to Registered Letters passing through
France. A printed acknowledgment torn out of the Receipt
Booli, and stamped with the Office stamp, will be given to any
person Registering a Letter. Registered Letters are received
throughout the Kingdom until within half an hour of the closiug
of the Box for the y^articular Mail or Bag by which Ihey are to be
despatched^ Registered Letters bearing a sufficient number of
stamps will be considered paid Letters, but the Registration Fee
of one shilling must be paid ly money.
In the case of Foreign, Colonial, or Ship Letters, it must be
clearly understood that Registration cannot extend beyond the
port of despatch in the L^nited Kingdoms, though parties, if they
wish it, may register such letter as far as the port of despatch.
Letters, however, addressed to France, and letters parsing
through France, are er-iceptions to this rule, the French Pest Of-
fice undertaking to provide for their security till they have been
delivered, if addressed to France, and so long as they remain in
the French territory, if passing through France.
The system of Registration provides a secure mode of trans-
mitting Bank Notes, Bank Post Bills, Drafts, &c., &c.; and
persons having occasion to send by Post small sums, will avoid
ail risk by seuding the money through the medium of
No. 47 Beform Street.
The charge for such orders is Threepence on sums under Two
Pounds, and Sixpence on sums above Two Pounds, and under Five
Pounds. No order will be given for sums beyond this amount.
Office opens for Issuing and Paying Money Orders from 8 a.m.
to 9 30 A.M., and from 11 30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Money Orders can be granted on all post toivns.

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