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Stamps may be used for Pi-inted Votes, and Proceedings in
Parliament, and on Foreign, Colonial, and Ship-Letters, &c., out-
wards. If any letter, however, addressed to places beyond sea
bear an insufficient number of Stamps, it will be sent to the
Dead Letter Office, to be returned in all practical cases to the
writer. Stamps are not permitted to be used on Letters arriving
in the United Kingdoms from the Colonies or Foreign Countries.
These regulations are applicable to Newspapers in thoso cases
where they are liable to Postage.
If the Stamps affixed to Letters have been mutilated or defaced^
the letter will be liable to the unpaid rate.
Not exceeding half an ounce in weight, Id.
„ one ounce, „ 2d.
„ two ounces, „ 4d.
„ three ounces, „ 6d. and bo on.
Two Eatt:3 being added for every ounce up to sixteen ounces,
beyond vrhich, with the following exceptions, no packet, whether
subject to Postage or not, can be received.
1. Parliamentary Petitions and Addresses to her Majesty.
2. Parliamentary Proceedings.
3. Letters and Packets addressed to or received from places
beyond sea,
4. Letters and Packets to and from Public Officers and
Public Departments.
5. Deeds if sent open, or in cover, open at the sides. They
may be tied with a string and sealed, in order to prevent
inspection of the contents ; but they must be open at
the sides, that it may be seen that they are entitled to
the privilege.
6. Bankers' Pa,rcels despatched from. London, and specially de-
livered at the General Post Office under certain regula-
With these exceptions, all Packets above the weight op
SIXTEEN OUNCES will be forwarded to the Dead Letter Office.
Inland Letters or Packets put into the unpaid Letter
box are charged double the amount of postage to which,
had they been pre-paid, they would have been liable.
The scale of weight in force for General Post Letters is equally
applicable to Letters passing through the Local Penny Posts
throughout the Kingdom. They are subject to the same rules and
the same charges as General Post Letters, and must be paid in

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