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.^ , .-, \, OUhamEdgelronWorlis, February, 1871.
we have one of Broadbent's Patent Floating Scummers at work, and are pleased to state tliat
it gives entire satisfaction. j. PRITOHARD & SONS.
Vale Mill, Hollinwood, near Manchester, August 7th, 1872.
Deae Sik, — In answer to your inquiries, we have had five of Broadbent's scummers (one on
eacb boiler) at work about twelve months, and are g-lad to say that we are very well pleased with
them. We find the Scale in the boilers gradually diminishing, and the Pistons ahnost free from
Diet; consequently needing less Tallow. Before we applied tlie Scummers we cleaned the pistons
every three months, but now we clean them once in sis months, and yet we do not find one quarter
of the Dirt in the cylinders that we used to do. Yours very truly,
p. pro PROCKTER, LITTLER, & Co., Thomas Peocktee.
Parle Mills, Hollinwood, near Manchester, February 15th, 1872.
SiE, — We have pleasure in testifying to the efficient working of Broadbent's Patent Scummer.
Previous to applying it, we were very much troubled with " Engine Priming," we meuer are now j
the boiler is also very much cleaner. Yours respectfully, H. L. & G. BAXTER.
Albert Mills, Hollinwood, near Manchester, February 17th, 1872,
We have had your Patent Scummers at work for some time, on four of our boilers, and thinK
them very useful for preventing incrustation, and likely to] contiaue operative for a long time
without getting choked, or otherwise out of order. Yours truly, W. J. & B. LEES.
Moorslde Mills, Oldham, March 2nd, 1872.
SlE, — ^We have very great pleasure in testifying to the efficacy of the Patent Scummers you have
applied to our boilers. We have let the boilers oif now after four months' working, and are glad
to find that no scale or residue whatever exists, although we have usually cleaned our boilers once
every six weeks, and were nevertheless troubled with scale to a great extent.
Yours^respectfully, THOMAS MBLLODBW & Co.
Me. j. Beoadbent. Stayley New Mills, Staleybridge, February 17tli, 1873.
Deae Sie, — I have pleasure in stating that the Patent Floating Boiler Scummers you applied
to my four boilers are doing their work exceedingly well. I work them double the time I used to
do without cleaning, and I find scarcely any scale adhering to the flues. I can with confidence
recommend them to all users of steam power where they are troubled with scale.
I am, dear sir, yours truly. For GEORGE ADSHEAD, Isaac K. Clayton.
Willow Bank Mill, Bochdale Road, Oldham, September 17th, 1873.
Sie, — ^The Scummer which you have put on our boilers a few months ago seem to be working
vei-y satisfactory so far. Yours respectfully, KERSHAW & BAMFORD.
Hilton Greaves, Derker MUls, Oldham ; Suthers, Saville & Clegg, Oldham ; John & Robinson
Sinkinson, Oldham; James & Thomas Hegginbottom, Oldham; Stockfield Colliery Co., near Old-
ham ; Houldsworth's, Reddish ; WOliam Mannock, Oldham ; Seville & Buckley, Oldham ; Chamber
Hall Colliery Co., HoUinwood; RadcUffe Brothers, Oldham; A. & A. Crompton, Shaw; Garlick &
Dyson, Newton Heath ; Shaw Bros. & Leach, Waterhead MUl ; H. & J. Atkin, Lees ; Frederick
Learoyd & Co., Huddersfield; Tonge Springs Spinning Co., Middleton; Messrs. Le Beckers, Chad-
derton ; Messrs. Adsheads, Stalybridge ; S. Lindley & Co., Bowker Bank Print Works ; S. & J.
Prestwich, Faraworth, near Bolton ; Tanned Leather Co. Limited, Greenfield ; G. H. Grimshaw,
The Apparatus can be seen at work and any further information obtained
on application, and immediate attention paid to all communications addressed to —

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