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Johnston John, manager Culter Mills Paper Co.,
Union Works, Aberdeen and Peterculter
Johnston John, grocer, Don View, Bridge of Don
Johnston John, chemist (George E.eid & Sons), Crown
court. Union st
Johnston John & Co. grocers, 46 Summer st
Johnston John Henry, designer, and printer for
embroidery, and agent for the Wheeler & Wilson
sewing machines, 17 Crown st
Johnston Joseph, baker, 18 North Broadford
Johnston Mrs. — , lodgings, 8 Castle st
Johnston Miss — , dressmaker, 26 St. Nicholas st
Johnston Mrs. E,. baker, 66 George st
Johnston Peter, gas inspector, 46 Dee st
Johnston B.obert, music seller, 244 Union st
Johnston Wm. blacksmith, 109 West North st
Johnston Wm. builder (Johnston & PuUerton), 26
Hadden st, Woodside
Johnstone Ales, merchant (C. & A. Johnstone), 99
Chapel st
Johnstone C. & A. wholesale merchants, 14 Little-
john st
Johnstone Charles, merchant (C. & A. Johnstone), 37
Garden place
Johnstone David, physician. Dee side Hydropathic
Estabhshment, Heathcot, near Aberdeen — See advt
Jolly John, painter & glazier, 12 Carmelite st
Jolly Wm. printer, 1 Milburn st
Jones James E. teacher. Navigation School, & agent
for the Meteorological Committee, 21 James st
house, 267 Union st
Jopp & Eeid, advocates, 146 Union st
Jopp Andrew, advocate and notary public, distributor
of stamps, and collector of taxes for Aberdeensliire,
27 King st ; house, 267 Union st
Jopp Keith, wine merchant (W. & K. Jopp), 6
Golden sq
Jopp Forbes, farmer. Upper Buckie
Jopp Wm. wine merchant (W. & K. Jopp), 5 Albynter
Jopp Wm. & Keith, wine & spirit merchants, 13
Market st
Joss Charles, tailor, 91 Skene st
Joss George, farmer, Burnfield
Joss George, gardener, Westburn
Joss Mrs. — , provision dealer, 53 Loch st
Joss Patrick, manager, (A. & F. Manuelle), 41
Guest row
Joss Peter, clerk, 4 Bannermill st
Joss Wm. manager, St. Nicholas Brass Foundry, 2
Gilcomston park
Justice James N. clerk (customs), 4 Devanha terrace
Justice of Peace Court, Coiu't House, Castle st; Wm.
Eichardson, bar officer
Kay Fanny, dressmaker, 3 Westfield cottages
Kay James P. chemist (C. Davidson & Co.), Elgin
Villa, Queen's road
Kay Wm. M. grocer, 65 Virginia st
Kean John, saddler, 12 Schoolhill
Keith Alex, hthographer (Keith & Gibb), 4 Rose-
mount terrace
Keith Alexander, grain merchant and manure agent,
Commerce st. & Virginia st. East; house, 3
Affleck st
Keith Alex, merchant (M'Kenzie & Keith), 1 Mary pi
Keith Charles, shopkeeper, 14 St. Andrew st
Keith & Gibb, engraver & hthographers, 3 Queen st
Keith James, chemist and druggist, 8 Union place
Keith Harriman & Watson, brick and tUe makers, &
dealers in fii'e bricks and sanitary pipes. Northern
Patent Brick & Tile Works, Pitmuxton, and 187
King st, Aberdeen
Keith James, clerk, 10 Bon- Accord lane
Keith John H. engraver & lithographer, 20 Correction
Keith Misses, dressmakers, 1 Chapel st
Keith Margaret, china, glass, &c. dealer, 63 Wind-
mill brae
Keith Mrs. — , milliner, 1 Cherrybank, Hardgate
Keith Wm. beerseller, 17 York st
Keith. Williasn, jun. granite worker & poHsher,
King-street Monumental, Granite, and Enamelled
Slate Works, 187 King st; quarries, Peterhead;
house, 1 Eoshn terrace
Kellas James F. secretary Local Marine, and super-
intendent of Mercantile Office, &c. 28 Regent quay
Kelly Francis B. tailor and clotliier, 10 St. Nicholas st
Kelly Mrs. — , lodgings, 17 Skene terrace
Kelman Anch-ew, cashier, 39 Union terrace
Kelman Charles, flesher, 10 West North st
Kelman Wm. foreman, 27 Cotton st
Kemlo Alexander, advocate, 74 Union st; house, 74
Bon- Accord st
Kemlo Hannah, staymaker, 8 Upper Kirkgate
Kemp Alexander, flesher, 29 Market Hall
Kemp & Walker, millers and grain merchants, 59 &
60 Castle st, and Murtle Mills
Kemp Ann, milliner, 138 Hadden st, Woodside
Kemp George, cashier, 7 Thistle st
Kemp Mrs. F. grocer, 60 Skene sqiiare
Keibp James, slater. North Charlotte st; house, 18
Hadden st, Woodside
Kemp Jessie, bookseller and dressmaker, 25 St.
A.ndi-ew st
Kemp Robert, miller and grain merchant (Kemp &
Walker), 31 Thistle st
Kenn Mrs. — , lodgings, 23 Jute st
Kennedy Alexander, clerk, 5 Whitehouse st
Kennedy Alexander, spirit dealer, Pocra Pier
Kennedy & Eraser, advocates, 140 Union st
Kennedy Angus, clothes broker, 37 Lodge walk
Kennedy James, farmer, Cau-nery road
Kennedy John, shipmaster, 2 Church st
Kennedy Joseph, head master. Government School of
Art ; house, 48 Union place
Kennedy Mrs. ■ — , lodgings, 154 Crown st
Kennedy Samuel, spuit dealer. King st road. Old
Kerr David, physician and surgeon, 9 Union place
Kerr & Sons, carvers and gilders, 187 Union st
Kerr George, grocer, 3 Causeway end
Kerr George, carver (Kerr & Sons), 4 Henry place
Kerr James a.m. head master. Church of Scotland
Training College ; house, 3S Belvidere place
Kerr James A. carver (Kerr & Sons), 166 Skene st.
Kerr Mrs. lodgings, 146 Hadden st, Woodside
Kerr John, government inspector of schools, 4
Albyn terrace
Kesson & Macdonald, carvers and gilders, 53 St.
Nicholas st
Kesson James, commission agent, 27a George st
Kesson John, carver (Kesson & Macdonald), 5 Henry
Kettle Thomas W. surveyor to Lloyd's Register, 13
Regent quay ; house, Ashley jjlace
Key John M. feuar, 113 Barrow st, Woodside
Kilgour Alexander, physician, Loirston, Nigg
Kilgour & Walker, woollen manufacturers, 92
George st, and Berryden Mills, Berryden road
Kilgour James, draper, 92 and 94 George st; house,
2 Caroline jjlace
Kilgour James, spirit dealer, 90 High st. Old
Kilgour Robert, carter, 25 Don st. Old Aberdeen
Keith J. wright & cooper. Summer lane
Keith John, manufacturer (Pratt & Keith), 36 Bon-iKilman Charles, flesher, 10 West North st
Accord terrace [Kilman Robert, furniture dealer, 90 Gallowgata
Keith John, secretary, Aberdeen Town & County King Arthur, printer, &c. (Arthur King & Co.), 15
'BaiDk, 7 Bon-Accord stjuare J Constitution st

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