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Fanct Eepositobibs — continued
Eutherford M. (baby linen, &c.), 51
South st
Smith A. C. P. (baby linen & ladies
underclothing^ Berlin wool and
fancy goods), 163 South st
Tennant A. W. 31 South st
Tennant Jane, 94 Market st
CroU Charles, 65 Market st
Ireland James, 59 Market st
Low Thomas, 96 South st
Niven Eobert, Church square
Pow James, 106 South st
Pratt Eobert, 64 Market st
Wallace William, 66 Market st
Brown Thomas, 96 Market st
Fairweather John (and market
gardener), 3 Ellice place
Johnston Isabella (and market
gardener), 126 Market st
Laing John (& day gardener & seeds-
man), 70 Market st
Eait Eobert (market gardener), 74
Market st
Waddell John, 54 Market st
Walker James, 40 Market st
Watson Ann, South Bell st
Wilson James & Son, 201 South st
Adamson Mrs. Agnes, 47 North
Castle st
Adie Miss, 9 South Bell st
Aitken James, 98 Market st
Allen Miss Ann, 13 GoK place
Anderson David, Castle view
Anderson Mrs. E. 56 Market st
Anderson F. 24 College st
Anderson Mrs. Janet, 64 North st
Anderson Eobert, 5 College st
Annand Miss Mary, 10 South Bell st
Armit George, 112 North st
Baldie John, 2 Pilmour place
Berry Mrs. Jane, 7 Pilmour Links
Black Mrs. Marion, 49 North
Castle st
Black Thomas, 54 North st
Blyth David F. 1 & 2 Gregory place
Boyd Mrs. 15 Golf place
Boyd James, 1 Playfair place
Brand Alexander, 118 North st
Buist Mrs. L. 1 Dempster terrace
Bm-ns Mrs. Maria, 1 Craig place
Conacher Mrs. C. 20 College st
Conacher Mrs. Jane A. 73 Market st
Cook Miss E. 10 Kirk place
Craig Peter, 2 Craig place
Cutlibert John, 116 North st
Dishart Miss Elsie, 2 Abbotsford pi
Faulkner Miss E. 6 Abbotsford pi
Ferguson David, 7 John st
Fernie Mrs. Isabella, 52a. North st
Forret Wm. Lead Braes Villa
Eraser Mrs. C. 1 Murray park
Greig George, 48 North st
Harley Miss Margaret, 75 North st
Henderson David, 1 North st
HiU Mrs. Elizabeth, 19 South st
Hitch Wm. H. 4 John st
Honeyman George, Links
Inglis Mrs. Ann, 66 North st
Ireland Miss Catherine, 2 North
Bell st
Jameson James, The Baths, Scores
Jobson John, 45 North Castle st
Johnson Miss, 2 Murray park
Kellock Mrs. Isabella, 78 North st
Key Mrs. Ann, 4 North Bell st
King Mrs. Elizabeth, 6 College st
Kinnaird Mrs. Margaret, Kinnaird
Latto Mrs. Jessie, 2 John st
Leed Mrs. Barbara, 68 North st
M'Bean George, 11 Golf place
M'Donald Miss Jane, 129 Market st
M'Kenzie Miss J. 6 Pilmoui* pi
Mackie Alexander, 117 North st
M'Pherson Mrs. Jane, 99 North st
Malcolm Miss Elizabeth, 2 St.
Mary's st
Manzie Eobert, 84 North st
Marnock Andrew, 7 Union st
Mason David, 17 College st
Melville David, 59 South st
Melville Miss Helen, 113 North st
Melville Mrs. J. 43 North Castle st
Morris Mrs. Jane, 6 Kirk place
Ness David, 114 North st
Nicol Miss Mary, 19 College st
Nicol Thomas, 1 Gibson place
Ogilvie Wm. 47 South st
Paton Wm. 50 North st
Pearson Mrs. Chi'istina, 9 North
Bell st
Pringle Mrs. Margaret, 10 North
Bell st
Pringle Mrs. William, 70 North st
Provan Mrs. Helen, 40 North st
Eeid Mrs. M. 33 South st
Eitchie Mrs. Isabella, 21 Market st
Eitchie Mrs. Jane. 8 Kii'k place
Eobertson Mrs. Agnes, 25 South st
Eodger Mrs. E. East Bank View
Eoss Mrs. C. 15 Pilmour Links
Eumgay Miss Jessie, 142 North st
Eussack Wm. 126 North st
Eussell Mrs. Ahson, 3 Abbey st
Sang Mrs. Margaret, 152 South st
Scott Mrs. 112 South st
Scott A. & G. 65 North st
Scott David, 10 Union st
Scott James, 11 South st
Simpson The Misses, 3 Abbots-
ford place
Spy Mrs. Helen, 2 Playfair place
Stevenson James, 3 John st
Stewart Peter, 52c. North st
Swan Thomas, 3 South st
Taylor Mrs. Margaret, 72 North st
Tennant Miss A. W. 31 South st
Thomson Mrs. Clementina, Kirk pi
Turpie Mackenzie, 31
Castle st
Walker Mrs. Tacmas, 7a and 81
North st
Walker Wm. 52a. North st
Watson Alex. 101 North st
Watson Miss Helen, 34 Argyle st
Wilson Miss Jane, 52c. North st
Wilson Eobert, Greenliill Villa
Kirk Eobert (ball), Pilmour Links
M'Pherson James (and fishing
tackle). West Port
Morris Thomas & Sons (golf
clxib asid ball makers, and
professional golfers), Th.e
Marked thus * are also Spirit
*Aikman & Terras (wholesale and
retail), 165 South st
*Aitken Agnes, 114 Market st
Baldie James, 10 Castle st
Black James, 18 Castle st
Brown Ann, 6 Castle st
Brown Thomas, 96 Market st
Bui'ns Isabella, Denino
Burns Mary, Argyle st
Carstairs Jane, 19 Castle st
Chisholm Eobert, Harbour
*Cormie Andrew, Leuchars
Donaldson Margaret, Denino
*Duff James, 175 South st
*Duff Wilham, 51 Market st
*Fletcher David, 101 Market st
PouUs Ann, Leuchars
Gourlay John (& tallow chandler),
15 Church st
Green Helen, Leuchars
Greig Alexandex', 136 South st
*Grubb Charles, 68 South st
Harley Barbara, Leuchars
Hawkin W. C. 41 South st
*Harvey David, 35 North st
Hill Elizabeth, 21 South st
*Hutton A. 129 Market st
Macdonald Eobert, 21 Abbey st
Malcolm Eliza, 20 Market st
Melville Thomas, 187 South st
Mitchell John, Cameron
*More Eobert, 89 South st
*Morrison H. 32 South st
Nicolson Andi-ew, Cameron
Patterson Margaret, 47 North st
*Eobb Sophia, 24 North st
*Eobertson E. A. 33 Market st
Eoss James, 134 North st
Eussell David, 1 Union st
Skinner Alex, 12 Abbey st
Smart Helen, 23 North Castle st
*Smith John, 131 South st
Spence David, 40 South st
Stewart Agnes, 30 South st
*Stenhouse Eobert C. 15 College st
Swinton David, 197 South st
Terras Mrs. — , Cameron
Terras Arthur, BalmuUo
Trail Barbara, 32 Market st
TuUis Andrew, Leuchars
North j*Tarner Edmund, 72 Market st
Walker Elizabeth, Guard Bridge
Walker James, 40 Market st
* Walker Thomas, 114 High st
*Wann James, 147 South st
*Wannan John, 10 Church st
*White Agnes, 191 South st
*Wishart John, 159 South st
Young Janet, Sfcrathkinness
I Yule Wm. Strathkinness
Anderson James (cMb and
"ball maker, &; professional [ Sturrock JoIidj Ease lane
golfer), Links |Sturrock Peter (and perfumer), '
Forgan Eobert (club). Links i Market st

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