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Private Residents — continued
Leask Nathaniel, Esq. m.a. Abbey-
Lees George, Esq. ll.d. 58 South st
Lindesay Alexander K. Esq. j.p.
Lindesay Wm. F. Esq. 44 South st
Lockhart Mr. Thos. 8 Alexandra pi
Low General Sir John, c.b. Clatto
Luke Major John, 10 Abbotsford
Lundie Rev. James, Boarhills
Lyon Mrs. M. 2 St. Mary's place
M'Bean Mr. George, 11 Golf place
M'CoUock Mrs. Alice, 2 Howard pi
M'Gill Mrs. Grace, 1 Elhce place
M'Gregor Gregor, Esq. Bank House,
Queen st
M'Gregor Mr. J. 4 Dempster ten-
Mackenzie Mr. Alexander, 105
Market st
Mackenzie Mr. M. 105 Market st
Mackintosh Mr. George L. D. 12
South Bell st
M'Intosh Mr. John, 13 Queen st
M/Intyre Mrs. J. 8 Dempster terr
M'Intyre Mrs. Janet, Westport
M'Leod Miss Louisa, 77 North st
M'Pherson Mrs. Jane, 99 North st
MacOwan Rev. Jas. M. 1 Howard pi
■ M'Pherson Mr. John, 10 Queen st
M'Rutchie Thomas, Esq. Denork,
M'Tier Wm. Esq. m.d. Kinnessburn
Malcolm Mr. Alex. C. Leuchars
Malcolm Mr. James, St. Mary's st
Meiklejohn Mr. John M. D. Abbey
Meldrum D. Esq. Moonzie, Leuchars
Meldrum D. B. Esq. 142 North st
Meldrum Mrs. Euphemia, 4 Hope st
Meldrum John, Esq. North Dron,
Melville John Whyte, Esq. Mount
Melville, Cameron
Methven Mrs. Janet, 16 North
Bell st
Middleton Captain John A. 14
Howard place
MUler Captain John, 60 North st
Milne Mr. Andrew, 76 Market st
Milne Mr. John, 34 Argyle st
Milton Walter Thos. Esq. (provost),
1 South st
Mitchell The Misses, 157 South st
Mitchell Rev. Alex. F. m.a. d.d. 56
South st
Mitchell James, Esq. 143 Market st
Mitchell Robert, Esq. 54 South st
Moir JohnW. Esq. m.d. 127 South st
Moir Miss Mary, 5 Alexandi-a place
Moir Robert, Esq. m.d. 122 North st
Moncrieff Sir Thomas, Bart.
Moncrieff House
Moneypenny Major James B.
Abbotsford crescent
More Mr. Robert, 7 St. Mary's st
Morrison Mr. A. B. Peddinch,
Morrison Miss Ann, 17 South st
Munro Mrs. H. 17 Pilmour Links
Murray Mr. George, 4 Alfred place
Murray The Misses, Eden Cottage
Newland Mrs. Jane, 11 Alexandra pi
Nicol Andrew, Esq. Bonnytown
Nicholson H. A. Esq. m.a., m.d., and
D.s.c. 172 South st
Nicholson John, Esq. 78 South st
Niven Mrs. C. 2 Greenside place
Oehterlony Sir Charles M. Bart. 5
South st
Ogilvie Major W. 7 Playfair terr
Oliphant Mrs. Susan, 27 South st
Ollphant Mr. T. T. 4 South st
O'Lonie Wm. Esq. m.a., ll.d. 5
North Bell st
Oman Mr. Geo. 8 Playfair terrace
Orr Mrs. James, 8 Hope st
Paterson Mr. Alex. 134 Market st
Paterson Mr. John, Clifton bank
Paterson John, Esq. Kinburn House
Paton The Misses, Castle mount
Patterson Mrs. Rhoda,3 St. Mary's st
Patton Major Malcolm, Scores park
Pearson Mrs. Christina, 9 North
Petheram Mr. Hem-y, 2 Dempster
Pettigrew James Bell, Esq. m.d.
Bay View
Pitcaii'n John, Esq. 22 Queen st
Pringle Mrs. M. 10 North Bell st
Pringle Mrs. W. 70 North st
Procter Miss Jane, 6 Queen st
Purdie Thomas, Esq. Castle Chff
Purvis John, Esq. Kinaldy, Cameron
Randal Mrs. Helen, 7 Alexandra pi
Ree Herman, Esq. 8 Gillespie terr
Reid David, Esq. m.a. 2 Kinburn pi
Reid Mrs. Margaret, 33 South st
Rhodes Mr. Henry, 6 Hope st
Richard Miss Catherine, 15 South st
Ritchie Mr. James, 8 Pilmovir Links
Robb Mr. Wm. 42 South st
Roberts Rev. Alexander, D.D.Gordon
Robertson Mrs. EHza A. 76 North st
Robertson Mrs. F. 11 South Bell st
Robinson Mrs. Ehz. 5 Gillespie terr
Rodger Mrs. Eliz. East Bay view
Rodger Rev. Matthew, 42 South st
Rodger Mr. Thomas, St. Mary's pi
Russell Mrs. Alison, 3 Abbey st
Salter Mr. Edward, 2 Alexandra pi
Sang Mrs. Margaret, 152 South st
Schaefer Henry P. F. Esq. ph.d.
Chestney House
Scott Mr. John, Balfour House
Shau'p John Campbell, Esq. m.a.,
LL.D. Edge Cliff
Simpson The Misses, 3 Abbotsford
Skene Mrs. Jessie, 1 Gillespie terr
Small Mr. John, 52 South st
Smith Mr. Alex. 8 South Bell st
Smith Mr. John, Greenhill Villa
Spence Alex. O. Esq. 2 Queen st
Spy Mrs. Helen, 2 Playfair place
Steele Mr. John C. 56 North st
Stewart Captain D. S. West park
Stirling Thomas M. Esq. Dean's
Stobie Mrs. Clementina, 8 Queen st
Stookes Mrs. Mary E
burn place
Thomson The Misses, 14 North
Bell st
Thomson Mr. James, 83 Market st
Thomson Mr. John, 6 Alfred place
Thomson Lieut-colonel James E. 11
Queen st
Thomson Mr. Lawrence, 1 Soiith
Bell st
Thomson Robert Esq. Seggie House,
Guard Bridge, by Cupar
Trail Miss — , 90 South st
Trail Mrs. Margaret, 3 Greenside pi
Trail Mr. Wm. 83 North st
Tribe Miss — , 5 South st
Trotter Mrs. Christina, 11 South
Mary st
Tulloch Very Rev. John, d.d. St.
Mary's College
TurnbuU Mr. James, 24 Abbey st
Turner Captain F. C. 10 Hope st
Tuttiett Rev. Lawrence, 1 Kin-
burn terrace
Veitch Mrs. Agnes, 7 Queen st
Walker The Misses, Weston Villa
Walker Mr. James, Dauphine House
Walker Mrs. Jane, 8 North Bell st
Walker Mr. Robert, 49 South st
Walker Mrs. Thomas, 81 North st
Walkinshaw Mrs. E. 2 Gillespie ter
Wallace Miss Elsie C. Lockhart pi
Wallace Mrs. H. R. 6 Howard pi
Webster Rev. John m.a., Cameron
Webster The Misses, 9 Queen st
Webster Thomas R. Esq. Prior's
Gate, South st
Welch James R. Esq. Government
Wemyss Alexander Watson, Esq.
M.D. Denbrae
Wemyss Mrs. Flora, 6 Gibson pi
Wilson Mr. John, 133 South st
Woodcock Alex. Esq. 45 South st
Woodcock Wm. Esq. Rose Park
Wright Capt. Geo. T. 5 Howard pi
Toung Mr. David, 3 North Bell st
Fleming Peter (to the Trade Pro-
tection Society of Edinburgh),
185 South st
Henderson W. C. (for the Cheque
Bank, London), 4 Church st
Hutton James (house), 125 South st
M'Bean Alexander (house), 7 North
Bell st
M'Gregor John (house), 71
Market st
More Robert (for W. & A. Gilbey's,
wines and spirits), 89 South st
^icol Bavid (for Horniman's
pure teas), 135 Market st
Ritchie David (carting), Westport
Stott Mrs. Mary H. 18 Queen st
Swan Mr. Thomas, 3 South st
Swan Wm. Esq. l.l.d., 2 Hope st
Gillespie James (& surveyor), 75
Market st
Hall and Henry (& surveyors).
Church square
B. 4 Kin- Milne John (inventor and patentee
of Milne's pyro -pneumatic room
grate), 115 South st
Taylor Mrs. Margaret, 72 North st Hutton James, 125 South st
Terras Mr. Thos. 20 South Bell st M'Bean Alexander (appraiser), 7
Thoms John, Esq. Seaview House : North Bell st
Thomson Mrs. — , 2 Playfair ter ! M'Gregor John, 71 Market st

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