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Tailors — continued
Eruce Siolsero (& clothier),
Oswald place k Bridge st
Haiiej James, Forth st
Eoss John, 6 Commercial road
Balfo-ar Jolin'"& Co. (& seed
cmsliers and dissolved
bone manufacturers),
Levem. Ifiills
"Walker Andrew, 25 High st
Williamson Alexander (and copper
smith and gas fitter). South st
Bavie John (and jeweller),
71 Highst
Pattison David, 49 High st
Gerrett Eohert, Leven Salt Works
White J. & J. South st
Anderson John, music dealer and
tobacconist, 14 High st
Arthur Jas. custom house officer.
Forth st
Barker John, foreman. Manse place
Bogie The Misses, berhn and fancy
warehouse. High st
Brookbanks J. slater, Mitchell st
Brown Elizabeth, berhn wooland
fancy repository, 2 High st
Brown Henry J. cashier, Kirkland
Brown John, superintendent of
locomotive department, Haugh
Bank terrace
Brown Margaret, greengrocer, 15
High st
Calder William, schoolmaster. View-
forth place
Cormie Isabella, fancy bazaar, 64
High st
Cummings Alex, master mariner,
Viewforth place
Diston Adam, photographer, Rail-
way Cottage
Elder James, foreman. Manse pi
Findlay Peter, pohce constable.
North st
Forgrieve Jas. manager, Kirkland
Forster John, railway superinten-
dent, Scoonie place
Hartnett Patrick, boatman (C. G.),
17 South st
Keddie Peter, saddler, Diu-ie st
Kellow Edward, railway manager,
Durie st
Kinnell James, gardener, Durie st
Laverock Alex, master mariner, 1
Trinity place
Leven Farina Co. J. M'Naughton,
Lister John C. seedsman & florist,
Mitchell st
M'Cready Alex, greengrocer, 58
High st
M'Naughton John, manager. Glen
Lion House
Malcolm David, session clerk, 73
High st
Meikle Geo. master mariner. Links
Nairn Eobei't, church officer. View-
forth place
Newman George, commission boat-
man (C. G.), 17 South st
Nicholson John, master mariner.
Wave Cottage
Nicholson Jobn, manager, Leven
NicoU Andrew, mill manager,
Haughbank terrace
Paterson Geo. hair dresser. South st
Philip James, nuisance inspector.
Bank st
Pringle D. station master. Bridge st
Eattray James, cashier, 1 Links pi
Eaaddie Eobert, gas manager, 8
Viewforth place
Scott Andrew, harbour masterj
South st
Smith F. manager, Viewforth pi
Sbalker David, schoolmaster, 3
Trinity pi
Webster James, picture framer, &
glazier, 26 High st
White Alexander & Son, brick, tile,
and ochre manufacturers, Leven
Wilkie James, greengrocer and re-
freshment house, 50 High st
Wilson John, foreman, 28 High st
Touden Stephen, inspector of poor.
Bank st
Balfour James, Letham
Campbell Alex. Shotburn Mill
Christie Robert, Durie Home Farm
Elder The Misses, Scoonie
Forgan James, Eilmux
Fortune Wilham R. Pilmuii-
Gibson David, Myreside
Gilmour J. Home Farm, Montrave
Greig Andrew, Leven
Hodge David, Drummaird
Hunter James, Broomieknowe
M'Gregor Charles, Coldstream
Malcolm Nicol, Innerleven
Naixn James, Haugh House
Nairn Wilham, Burn mill
Paterson Alexander, Burnside
Wallace John, Upper Pratis
Wallace John, jun. Balgrummo
Wallace John, sen. Banbeath
Wyatt William J. Lunden
Younger J. B. B. C. Bankhead
LIMEKILNS with Brucehaven, in the parish of
Dunf ermhne, is a small seaport in the county of Fife,
situated on the north bank of the Firth of Forth.
At one period it was a place of considerable trade, but
the harbour is at present only used for the mooring
of vessels. Shipbuilding is carried on at Brucehaven
shipyard, and several owners of vessels employed in
the coasting trade are resident here. There is a con-
gregation of United Presbyterians.
CHARLESTOWN is a village a short distance
from Limekilns, and also in the parish of Dunferm-
line. It is the property of the Earl of Elgin, who
formed a commodious harbour and extensive lime
works in the vicinity, enormous quantities of which
are exported annuaUy; it is likewise the shipping
port for several of the adjacent colHeries. The
accommodation found at the harbour here, for load-
ing and unloading vessels, is most excellent. An iron
foundry, a steam saw miU and timber yard, are among
the other businesses of this flourishing httle place.
thereto at 2 p.m. and 10 p.m. Money Order Office,
Savings' Bank, and TelegTaph.
Post Office, Limekilns, Mrs. R. Barker, postmistress.
— Letters from all parts arrive (from Dunfermhne)
at 8.25 a.m. and 11.45 a.m. and are despatched
thereto at 6 a.m. and 2.15 p.m. Money Order Office
at Charlestown.
United Presbyterian Chapel, Limekilns — Rev. James
Crawford, minister
To Dunfermhne twice a day in summer and once a
day in winter
On a branch of the North Bi'itish Railway (for coal
and minerals), Charlestown — John Addison, agent
To Dunfermline — John Black, twice a week
Post Office, Charlestown, George Blyth. postmaster. CON^^EYANCE BY WATER.
Ijetters from all parts ai*rive (from Dunfermline) i To and from Edinbiu-gh, Alloa, and Stirling — Steam-
at 9.15 a.m. and 12.30 noon, and are despatched boats call at Limekilns, according to tide

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