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assurable as healthy lives, and that about one in five o^
the applicants to other Offices is declined on examination.
Of the proposals accepted by this Society during the last
three years nearly 300 had been rejected among upwards
of 80 other offices. These cases came under the class of
the most prevalent diseases, and the various parties could
not have participated in the advantages of Life Assur-
ance had not this Society been in existence, as it is the
ONLY ONE possessing tabulated rates of Premium, de-
duced from extensive data.
Premiums have been determined for the assurance of
persons at every age, among those afflicted with consump-
tion, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, disease of the heart,
apoplexy, paralysis, epilepsy, insanity, disease of the liv-
er, dropsy, scorfula, gout, rheumatism, &c.
These circumstances induce the Directors to believe
that by the establishment of this office they have con-
ferred an important benefit upon those whose condition
made such a provision as assurance necessary, and they
are therefore led to expect a powerful support from the
public. Increased annuities are granted on unsound lives.
Healthy lires are assured at lower rates than at most other
offices, and a capital of half a million sterling fully sub-
scribed affords a complete guarantee for the fulfilment of
the Society's engagements.
R G. P. NEISON, Actuary.
T. Fulton^, Esq., 66 Portland Street.
R. Gairdner, Esq., Bank.

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