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William Hoocl, Parish School,
John Kelly, Private School,
Miss Hewison, Industrious School.
Rev. Mr JafFrej, Min. Establifhed Church,
With the Post Towns to which their Letters m a j be sent*
Adamton, Mrs. Reid, Monkton
Afton Jjodge, Mrs. A, Cunningham, Tarbolton
Annanhill, James Dunlop, Kilmarnock
Annbank, James Drinnen, Tarbolton
Annock Lodge, Col. Montgomerie, Irvine
Assloss, John Parker, Kilmarnock
Auchans, Robert Guthrie, Kilmarnock
Auchandrain, Ellies Cathcart, Ayr
Auchans House, Lady M. IMontgomerie, Kilmarnock
Auchincruive, James Oswald, M. P., Ayr
Auchmanuocb, Robert Campbell, Mauchline
Ballochmyle, Wm. Alexander, Mauchline
Barn Weill House, Alexander Lindsay, Tarbolton
Barskimming, Sir William Millar, Mauchline
Beechgrove, Dugald Hamilton, Mauchline
Bellisle, Mrs. Hamilton, Ayr
Bellfield, Misses Buch.anan, Kilmarnock
Bellmont, William Montgomerie, Ayr
Blackburn Cottage, Col. H. Hamilton, Ayr
Blackhouse, William Cowan. Ayr
Braehead House, John Hamilton, Kilmarnock
Cairnhili, Col F Hamilton, Kilmarnock
Caprington Castle, John S. Cunningham, Kilmarnock
Cassillis, Thomas Campbell, Ayr
Castlehill, James Ballantyne, Ayr
Catrine, Col. M. Stewart, Mauchline

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