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Appendix. 129
To Glasgow Direct.
Departs at 20 Minutes past 9 Morning.
„ 20 „ 6 Evening.
From Glastgoio to Kilmarnock Direct.
Departs at half-past 30 Morning.
,) ft 5 Afternoon,
Allan, Robert, Weaver, Crampton street.
Alexander, John, Flesher, Old street.
Arbuckle, Matthew, Flesher, Old street.
Barr, Hugh, Waggoner, Galston road.
Brown, John, Mason, Old street.
Black, Alexander, Grocer, Old street.
Black, George and Thonaas, Farmers, Campbell street.
Borland, Adam, Pattern Designer, Campbell street.
Campbell, John, Spirit dealer, Old street
Clark, Quintin, Portioner, Crampton srreCit.
Craig, Thomis, Wright, Old street.
Cree, Archibald, Shoemaker, Old street.
Cunningham, John, Spirit dealer, Old street.
Dick, Mrs. Galston road.
Dick, John, Portioner, Old street,
Dickie, Robert, Farmer, Crampton street,
Drinnan, John, Mason, Crampton street.
Drinnan, William, Mason, Crampton street.
Farquhar, Robert, Grocer, Pye Row.
Farquhar, William, Engineer, Pve Row,
Fisher, John, Shoemaker, Fye Row.
Fisher, Robert, Shoemaker, Crampton- street.
Fitcheals, Francis, Grocer, Crampton street

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