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I2S Appendix,
Horse — Last Thursday of July.
Horse — Last Thursday of October.
Kilmarnock Journal— Published every Thursday Even-
ings at half-past 5 o'Clock, by James M^Kie,
Bookseller, 2 King street.
Kilmarnock Herald — Published every Friday Morning,
at 9 o'clock ; Second Edition at 4 o'Clock,
p m, by James Mathie, Bookseller, 1 King street.
Newspaper Agents.
William Muir, Bookseller, Portland street, Agent for the
"Ayr Advertiser."
Robert Nelson, Bookseller, King street, Agent for the
"Ayr Observer.'^
William Carruth, Bookseller, King street. Agent for the
*' Northern iStar," " Glasgow Saturday Post," '* Glasgow
Examiner," *" News of the World," and " Llyod's Lon-
don Newspaper.
Since the notice of the hours of the Arrival and De-
parture of Trains to and from the Kilmarnock Terminus
was thrown off, the following arrangements have been
made by the Railway Company :
From Kilmarnock to Glasgow, Ayr, Ardrossan, ^e.
Departs at 20 Minutes past 8 Morning.
„ 20 „ 12 Forenoon.
„ 20 „ 2 Afternoon.
-, 20 „ 5 Afternoon.

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