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Appendix. It^l
St Marnoek Lodge.
Instituted 1841— Present Stock £925 ; number of Members 360.
Angus Wright, Secretary.
J, Kernachan, Treasurer.
A. Connell, G M.
J. McMillan, N G.
G. Cox, Y G.
Dr. Thomson, Surgeon to the Lodge.
Officers of the Kilmarnock, No. 78, District, of the In-
dependent Order of Rechabites, Salford Unitj,
John Faulds, D. P. C. R., Titchfield street,
Andrew Thomson, D. C. R., Coffee House, Croft street*
Stewart Armour, D. D. R., Portland street.
James Ferguson, Treasurer, Titchfield street.
Thomas M'Gregor, Secretary, Dean, street.
Howard Tent, No, 514.
Robert Breckenridge, C. R., Back street.
William Wilson, C. R., Riccarton.
Thomas Kerr, D. C. R., Prince's street.
Stewart Armour, Secretary, Portland street*
James Ferguson, Assistant Secretary, Titchfield street.
Effort Tent, No. 1075.
John Alex. McMillan, P C R., Park street.
James Little, C R., East George street.
George Wilson, DR., Waterloo street.
Arthur Guthrie, Treasurer, Grange street.
John Thomson, Welbeck street, 7 o l •
Arthur Guthrie, Grange street, ^Secretaries.

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