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Appendix. 1 1 ^
Deacon of Skinners and Convener, Adam Crooks,
Commissioner of Police, ex-offiaio.
James M'Vail, Deacon of Tailors.
Wm. Bojd, Deacon of Bonnetmakers ,
Thomas Cuthbertson, Deacon of PFeavers.
Thomas Bl'Fedries, Deacon of Shoemakers.
Wm. Tamiock, shoemaker, Officer,
Alex. Herbertson, Manager. R. Young, Goods Agent.
Stephen Knight, Clerk.
From Kilmarnock to Glasgow^ Ayr^ Ardrassan, <^c.
Jointer Arrangements.
t Departs at 20 Minutes past 8 Morning.
X „ 20 „ 11 Forenoon.
„ 20 „ 2 Afternoon.
t „ 20 „ .5 Afternoon.
To Glasgow Direct.
X Departs at 20 Minutes past 9 Morning.
The Trains Marked thus f have Three Classes of
Carriages ; the others First and Second onlj.
The Trains Marked thus | have Third Class Car-
raiges from Kilmarnock to Glasgow onlj.
The Goods Trains to and from Kilmarnock
are as follows : —
From Kilmarnock to Glasgow everj Morning at 2
o'clock, returning to Kilmarnock about 6 o'Clock A.M.
From Kilmarnock to Ayr at 10 o'Clock everj Morn-
ing, and returning from Ayr at 6 o'Clock p. M.

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