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Appendix. 95
British North America, Letters are despatched
in Steam Packets, bj Liverpool, on the evenings of the
3rd and 18th of every month, unless these dates fall oa
the Sunday, in which case, on the following evenings,)
except December, Januarj,^ February, and March, and
in those months, on the 3rd only, Is, not exceeding ^
oz., paid or unpaid. To Upper and Lower Canada,
Prince Edward's Island, New Brunswick, and Nova
Scotia, (Halifax excepted,) the uniform rate is Is. 2d,;
this includes the internal colonial rate of 2d. per | oz.
Bermuda, see " Bermuda." Letters are likewise des-
patched through the Ship Letter Office by Private ship.
Newspapers, by Ship, Id.; by Packet (Canada ex-
cepted) free ; Canada, one half-penny each, charged up-
on delivery.
Buenos x\yres. Letters, which must be paid, are
despatched in Sailing Packets, via Falmouth, on the
evening of the 1st Tuesday in every month, 2s. 7d.
(2s. 5d. from Falmouth) not exceeding i oz., and so
Newspapers, 2d. each.
China, Letters, which (except Hong Kong) must be-
paid, are despatched with those for ** India,*' (East.)
Postage, by Marseilles, under i oz. 2s. 2d., under \ oz.
23, 7d., under | oz. 4s. 9d., under 1 oz. 5s. 2d., under
li ozs. 9s. Id.; by Southampton, under | oz. Is. 4d.,
under 1 oz. 2s. 8d., above 1 oz. 5s. Id., and so oa.
Newspapers to Hong Kong, 2d. by Southampton ; 5d.
by Marseilles ; Id. by Private ship. To any part of
China, 4d. by Southampton, and 5d. by Marseilles, 2d.
by private ship.
Foreign West Indies, see West Indies.

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