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Appendix., 9.^
via Southampton, under | oz., I3. 4d. ; under 1 oz., 2s.
Sd.; above 1 oz., ,5s. 4d., and so on.
Newspapers, by Private Ship, one penny each. If ad-
dressed « by Sydney Packet," free. Via SoBthamptOQ
2d. ; via Marseilles, 5d.
Austrian Dominions and City of Belgrade.
Letters forwarded daily, t>m France, unpaid or paid to
destination. Is. 5d. under \ oz., 2s. 5d. under ^ oz., 3.s
lOd. under | oz , 4s. lOd. under 1 oz.,63. 8d. under li
ozs. And on Tuesday and Friday, if so addressed, via
Hamburg, Is, 8d. not exceeding^^ oz., paid in advance,
and so on. Or via Holland, if addressed " by Rotter-
dam," 8d. not exceeding ^ oz., paid in advance ; or via,
Belgium, if addressed ''by Ostend,"and paid, Sd. ; from
any other place but London the postage, via Hamburg,
is Is. lOd. not exceeding | oz,, and so on.
Newspapers, 2d, each.
The Austrian Dominions include the following Provinces :
Airetria [Upper ife Lower] Hungary Military Frontiers
Bohemia Illyria Mora via
Dalmatia Lombardy & the Silesia
Gallicia Venetian Provinces. Styria
Transylvania.|^ Tyrol, Northern and Southern,
Baden, Letters are sent on Tuesdays and Fridays, b}'
Hamburg, postage Is. 8d. not exceeding ^ oz., or through
France daily, (if so addressed, unpaid, or paid to Calais,
,5d. not exceeding | oz., or paid to destination, Is. Id.
under 5 oz., Is. 9d. under | oz., 2s. lOd. under f cz.,
Ss, 6d, under 1 oz., 5s. under \\ oz., and so on : or by
Belgium, if so addressed, postage 8d. not exceeding |
oz., or by Holland, on the mornings of Wednesday and
Saturday, if so addressed, 8d. not exceeding | oz.;
from any other place but London the postage, by Ham-
burg, is Is. ]0d. not exceeding the | oz,, and tio on.
Newspapers, 2d, each.

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