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76 Academies, TeacJiers, ^'c.
Boyd Street Academy.
Samuel Dunlop, Teacher, — Englisli and Latin Lan-
guages, English Grammar, Writing, Arithmetic,
Book-keeping, and Geography.
Mobertson Place Training ScJiool.
John Tnglis, Teacher. — English Reading, Writing,
Grammar and Composition, Arithmetic, Book-keep-
ing, and Geography.
Mill Lane ScJiool,
Thomas O'Beirne, Teacher. — English, Commercial*
and Mathematical.
Holm'Jiead School.
James Craig, Teacher. — English Reading and Gram-
mar, Plain & Ornamental Writing, Arithmetic, and
. Book-keeping.
Douglas Street ScJiool.
Robert Smith, Teacher. — English Reading, Writing,
Arithmetic, English Grammar.
Holm ScJiool, East SJiaw street.
John Guthrie, Teacher. — English, Writing, Arithmetic,
Grammar, Geography, Book-keeping, and Linear
Drawing Academy,
W. G. Macreadj, 67 King street.
Music f Piano Forte, 8fc.
Boyd, Adam 29 Bank street.
Dow, John, 65 Titchfield street.
Heron, Robert, Waterside.
Rodger, Miss, Cheapside.

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