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Wilson, William, Block-cutter, West Netherton street.
WilsoQ, Hugh, Collier, 22 Low Glencairn street.
Wilson, Mrs., Prince's street.
Wilson, Thomas, Labourer, 42 High street.
Wilson, David, 5 New street.
Wilson, William, Carter, Grange street.
Wilson, Mrs , Cowfeeder, 34 Strand street.
Wilson, William, Coach-driver, Croft street.
Wood, James, Plumber, Park place.
Wood, David, Shoemaker, Strand street.
Wood, George, Carter, 9 New street.
Woodburn, Mrs., Wardend house, Grange street.
Woodburn, Hugh, Dean Cottage, Beansburn
Woodburn, John, Shoemaker, Clerk's lane,
Woodburn, William, Weaver, West Netherton street.
Wright, Hugh, Brougham place.
Wright, Angus, Clerk, Langlands street.
Wright, William, Troon carrier, Garden street.
Wright, William, Clog maker. East George street.
Wright, Robert, Omnibus driver, West George street
Wjlie. Robert, Esq., Portland street.
Wylie, Mrs. John, 122 King street,
Wylie, Capt. Michael, 122 King street.
Wylie, Robert, Shawl manufacturer, 53 Titchfield st.
Wyllie, William, Printer, 24 Titchfield street.
Wyllie, John, Carter, 24 Titchfield street.
Wyllie, Thomas, Weaver, 37 Bank street.
Wyllie, John, Tea and Cloth merchant, 44 Portland st.
Wyllie, James, Weaver, 16 Douglas street.
Wyllie, Andrew, Printer, Bentinck street.
Wyllie, James, Weaver, Bentinck street.
Wyllie, William, Manufacturer, Market place.
Wyllie, Thomas, Shoemaker, 12 Boyd street.
Wyllie, Mrs,, Commercial Inn, Croft street,
W^yllie, Robert, Wright, Bank street.
Wyllie, William, Manufacturer, Morton place.
Wyllie, Alex., Carpet weaver, Newton.

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