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32 R 1 ^ C I K— S EM PL E .
Rincie, Samuel, Letter Carrier, Foulds street,
Kober':son, James, Painter, 7 Clerk's lane.
Robertson, James, Flesber, 33 Higb Glcncairn street.
Robertson, JoLn, Spinner, 7 Soulis street.
Robertson, William, Foreman printer, Dean street.
Robertson, Andrew, Spade and Shovel maker, Dean et.
Rodger. James, Elmslj, Braehead.
Rodger, Miss, Music teacher, Cheapside,
Roome, George, Trades' Tavern, 9 Regent street.
Ross, Miss H., 103 King street.
Rose, William K., Skinner, 11 Soulis street.
Roxburgh, Plugh, Confectioner, 3 Waterloo street.
Roxburgh, Charles, 2 Park street.
Roxburgh, Miss, Srhoo( of Indmtry, Langlands street.
Roxburgh, James, Carpet weaver, Braehead.
Russel, Alex , Turner, Back street.
Russel, vVilliam, Turner, Langlands street.
Russel, Charles, Cutler, Langlands street^
Russel, John, Carter, 45 Portland street.
Russel, Thomas, Carter, Bank street.
Saddler, Robert, Tailor, 74 King street.
Samson, T. and W., Nursery and Seedsmen, 3 Cheap-
side street, house Braeside.
Sandilands, William, Cooper, 10 Bank street.
Sandilands, Miss, Straw Hat maker, 10 Bank street.
Sawers, James, Tailor, 59 Robertson Place.
Scott, William, Spirit dealer and Road Contractor, 6
Scott, Benjamin, Block-cutter, Mill Lane.
Scott, William, W^eaver, 2 West Netherton street.
Scott, Thomas, Shoemaker and spirit dealer, 24 Low
Glencairn street.
Scoular, James, Miller, St. Marnock Mill.
Semple, William, Carpet weaver, East George street

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