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In 1593 it obtained a charter as a Burgh of Barony
by the name and title of Peterhead, which it has since
The number of Feuars to whom the original charter
was granted in 1593, was only 14. " The original
feus w^ere laid off from Fish Lane towards Brook
Lane ; again from Fish Lane towards Port Henry
Lane, and from Port Henry Lane towards Crooked
Lane and Park Lane ; from Park Lane towards Fly-
ingig's Wynd, and from Flyingig's Wynd towards
Union Street. The rest appear to have been on the
Quinsie, or Keith Inch." The earliest feus after the
original, were laid off and built upon in 1616 on the
south side of Broad Street.
In 1593 it would appear that the population of
Keith Inch, alias Peterhead, was bQ. At that time
no shipping belonged to the town or village beyond
eome fishing boats, and the only harbour or haven
A-as that called Port Henry, as at present in the north
shore, to the north of the present North Harbour.
The population increased progressively as follows : —
la 1593 the number of inhabitants was 5%
In 1727, town, ... ... 900
In 1764, town and parish,
In 1769, town and parish.
In 1790, town,
In 1801. town and parish,
In 1811, town and parish,
In 1821, town and parish.
In 1831, town and parish.
In 1841, town and parish,
In 1851, town and parish,
includiag seamen, probably
With regard to the shipping, the tonnage seems
t o have increased with the growth of the population
And the enterprising spirit of the inhabitants. About
the year 1650 there was only one vessel of 20 tons
■^>urthen belonging to the port ; in 1720 there were

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