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Gorrie, Mrs, Buccleucli jilaoe
Gowan, Rev. A. Thompson, D.D. Westfield place
Graham, C.W., M.D., F.R.C.S. 139 High st.
Gray and Taylor, iron and seed merchants, 73 High
Gray, Andw. com merchant. High street
Gray, Geo. and Jas. agents. Commercial Bank
and Scottish Union Insurance Co., 118 High
Gray, James, banker, 118 High street
Gray, John, corn merchant, Elginhaugh mills
Gray, George, Murrayville, Eskbauk
â– Gray, Mrs Alex, baker, 29 High street
Gray, Mrs James, Elm lodge, Eskbank
Grieve, David, manager of Co-operative provision
store, 137 High street
-Grossert, Adam, blacksmith, Millerhill, west
Halley, John, stationmaster, railway station
Hamilton, Claud, Prestonhall house, Ford
Hanton, Robert, schoolmaster and inspector of
jjoor and registrar, Cranstra
Harper, Robert, farmer, Longthorn
Hay and Chisholm, joiners and undertakers,
ISTewmills road
Heathcote, G. P. vocalist and pianoforte tuner,
113 High street
Henderson, Jas. Lee, agent for the National
Bank of Scotland and Northern Assurance
Co. 67 High street
Herdman, George, farmer, Fordel
Herdman, Thomas, farmer, Southside
Hickey, John, pawnbroker, 5 West wynd
Hodge, Wm. stud gxoom, Dalkeith pai-k
Hogg, James, horsebreaker, Lothian road
Hogg, John, accountant, Commercial bank
Home, David, Woolmet house
Hood, Adam, grocer, 45 Back street
Hope, John, brassfounder, 158 High street
Horsburgh, James, veterinary surgeon, M.R.C.V.S.
and inspector for Norfolk Farmers' Cattle
Insurance, Bticcleuch street
Howden, T. and Co. drapers. High street
Hughes, Thomas, shoemaker, 132 High street
Hunter and M'Donald, clothiers, &c. 96 High st.
Hunter, John, tailor and clothier, 35 High street —
house. West Glebe
Hurry, R. East lodge, Newbattle park
Hutchison, Robert, flesher, 38 Higli street
Inglis, Miss Helen, fancy and toy warehouse, 81
High street
Inglis. Thomas, overseer. West gate, Dalkeith park
Ireland, Robert, pawnbroker, 11 West wynd
Jack, Thos. publisher, Woodbank, Bridgend
Jefferiss, Robt. R. M.D. surgeon. Garden house
•Jeffrey, Rev. James, West U. P. church, Parkend
Jerdan, D. bookseller and printer, and publisher
of Dalkeith Herald and Advertisei-, 100 j High
street — house, Porteous place
Johnston, John, gardener, Woolmet
Johnston, R. S. livery stalsle keeper. South street
Johnstone, William, View camp, Eskbank
Jones, Frederick, Ellangowan, Eskbank
KeUock, James, Buck's Head inn
Kellock, AVilliam, Oriel cottage, Eskbank
Kemp, D. smith, West wynd
Kemp, George, grocer, 138 High street
Kemp, Richard, grocer, 103 High street
Kemp, William, baker, 12 West wynd
Kennedy, Gilbert, clerk of works, Dalkeith park
Kent, James, tailor, High street
Kerss, W. gamekeeper, Newton cottage
King, John B. stationmaster, Hardengreen
Kirkwood, Wm. blacksmith, Lothian bridge
Lamb, William, slater, 4 Back street
Lamont, Rev. J. manse. West Parish church
Lawrie, John, hosier, lace, and trimming mer-
chant, 63 High street
Lees, James, superintendent Victoria lodging-
house, 22 West wynd
Liddle, G. housepainter, 8 South street, and 88
High street
Liddle, R. and A. fleshers, Tait street
Lidgate, Wm. joiner, Pathhead, Ford
Life Association of Scotland — Thomas Thom-
son, agent, Buccleuch place
Lindsay, J. corn merchant, Eskbank grove
Lothian, Marquis of, Newbattle Abbey
Lourie, T. china merchant, 19 West Wynd
Lowrie, Adam, contractor, inn, Crichtondean, Ford
Lowrie, James, biiilder, Westfield
Lowrie, Miss Margaret, Banlihead
Lucas, John, M.D. and surgeon, Buccleuch st.
Lyle, Peter and David, booksellers, stationers, and
printers, Dalkeith Advertiser office, 69 High st.
Lyle, Miss E. Rosebank villa, Eskbank
M 'Alley, Wm. manager Newbattle brick works,
Newbattle; Fred. Jacob, bricklayer and furnace
M'Ali^ine, William, farmer, Bryans, Newbattle
M'CuUoch, Robert, Bay Horse inn. Elm place
M'Donald, Charles, quartermaster, Editiburgh.
Militia, 163 High street
M'Donald, Miss Euphemia, milliner, 122 High st-
Macfarlane, Rev. John, D.D. Eskbank
Macfarlane, Mrs Wm. B. Westfield place
M 'Gowan, John, slater. Croft cottage
M'Gregor, Alex, watch and clock maker, Common
close. High street
Macgregor, Rev. Malcolm, assistant minister of
Newton, Millerhill
Mackay, Robert, contractor, 47 Back street
Mackintosh, Rev. D., U. P. manse. Back street
M'Lean, Alexander, house-factor, justice of
peace officer, and sheriflf-officer, 72 High st.
M'Lean, R. tobacco and generalfancy goods wareho.
78 High st. — ho. Stevens cottage, West Glebe
M'Leod, Angus, gardener, Newbattle
M'Nair, Alex, grocer, Millerhill, West
M'Quoin, Rev. Joseph, St D.avid's Catholic church
Maddison, Thomas, factor, Rosemains, Ford
Martin, John, baker, 50 High street
Mason, J. innkeeper, Justicelees inn, Gallowshall
Maxwell, John Sharpe, salt manufacturer, Lerwick
lodge, Eskbank
Maxwell, Hon. and Rev. Joseph C. St David's
Catholic church
Meiklejohn, John, iron founder, turner, and horti-
cultural engineer, Westfield Iron works — house,
Westland house
Metcalfe, Wm. and James, ironmongers and seed
merchants, 59 and 61 West High street
Metcalfe, WiUiam, Moffat place
Miller, George, excise officer. North Esk mill
Milne, William, grocer, 25 South street
Milne, Miss, 2 Lothian bank
Mitchell Brothers, grocers and wine merchants,
77 and 79 High street
]\Iitchell, Mrs Samuel, Bellevue place
Mitchell, Thomas, flesher, 124 High street
Moffat, Mrs Alex, asylum-keeper, Somerside Pri-
vate Asylum
Moncrieff , Robert Scott, of Fossaway, Chamberlain
of Dalkeith, Dalkeith park
Moncrieif, Robert Scott, jun. Glebe bank house
Monteith, Andw. shoemaker, 49 High street
Monteith, Mrs, refreshment rooms, 58 High street '
Monteith, Samuel, currier, North wynd
Morton, J. and A. fleshers, 37 High street
Morton, John, auctioneer. North wynd
Murdoch, James, writer and accountant, 34 High
street— ho. 31 West Glebe

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