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Cumming, Robert, general newspaper agent,
249 High street
Cumming, Robert, 4 Bright terrace, Hay-
Cumming, Thos. & Son, trunk, portman-
teau, brush, basket, and packing-box makers,
2 Cockburn street and 18 and 22 Chalmers'
Cumming, Thomas, (C. ^ Son,) 1 Mound
Cumming, W., M.D., F.R.C.P. 18 Ainslie
Cumming, Wm. painter, 41 Albany st. Leith
Cumming, Wm., "V.S. St Guthbert's glebe
Cumming, Mrs, 4 Cockburn street
Cumming, Mrs, 10 Montague street
Cumming, Mrs, 38 Brunswick street
Cumming, Mrs, 84 Great King street
Cumming, Mrs, hotel, 3 St Culhbert's glebe
Cumming, Miss A. dressmaker, 38 Bruns-
wick street
CuNARD Royal Mail Steamers — J P. Oliver,
agent, 46 George street
Cundell, Joseph, agent, British Linen Co.
48 Bernard street
Cundell, Wm. J. Australian merchant, agent,
and insurance broker, 48 Bernard street
Cuningham & Co. wine merchants, 17 Clyde
street — house, 9 Chester street
Cuningham, Alex, secretary. Northern Lights,
9 Chester street
Cuningham, John, plumber and gasfitter, 45
Bernard street — house, 46
Cuningham, W. A. 86 Great King street
Cuningham, Miss, 86 Great King street
Cuninghame, Mrs, of Balgownie, 4 Blacket
Cuninghame, Mrs, 23 Moray place
Cuninghame, Miss, 27 Raeburn place
Cunning, William, smith and ironmonger, 38
Queen street — house, 9 S.-E. Circus place
Cunningham, Fraser, & Co. nurserymen and
florists, Comely bank and Edgehill nursery
Cunningham, Alex, manager, Thornton and
Co. Rubber works, 3 Brandfield place
Cunningham, Alexander, 25 Earl Grey st.
Cunningham, A. L. smith, 12 Sandport st. —
house, 21 Dock street
Cunningham, Andrew, 21 Admiralty street
Cunningham, Andrew, joiner, 6 Coal hill
Cunningham, Andrew, 2 Huntly street
Cunningham, Andw. jun. glazier, 18 Leith st.
— house, 9 Prince Consort place
Cunningham, G., civil enginr. 135-a George
street — ho. 2 Ainslie place
Cunningham, Geo. dairyman, 7 Prospect st.
Cunningham, Geo. C. 15 Morningside terrace
Cunningham, James, commercial traveller, 3
Sciennes bill place
Cunningham, James, 5 Hamilton place
Cunningham, James, grocer and spirit dealer,
5 East Richmond street
Cunningham, Jas., W.S. 50 Queen street
Cunningham, James, builder and joiner, 32
Elbe street — house, 23 Bernard street
Cunningham, James, grocer and spirit mer-
chant, 7 Canning place — ho. 8.
Cunningham, James C. {J.S^J. C), 88 Lau-
riston place
Cunningham, J. & J., seed, linseed cake, and
artificial manure merchts. 102 West bow.
Salamander street, and 8 West Bowling
Green street
Cunningham, John (Signet Library), 2 Atholl
Cunningham, John, dairyman, 33-a Cum-
berland street
Cunningham, John {J. <h J. C), Megget's
Cunningham, .John, Fountainbridge
Cunningham, John Thos., L.D.S., R.C.S.E.,
dental surgeon, 114 Lauriston place
Cunningham, Neil, coach-hirer, Windsor st.
Cunningham, Peter, Clydesdale Bank, Hign
street — ho. 3 Pilrig street
Cunningham, Lennox Thomson, M.D., R.N.,
20 Warriston'crescent
Cunningham, Thomas, hat manufacturer, 61 ,
North bridge — house, 18 Graham street
Cunningham, Thomas, tailor and clothier, 23
St Mary's wynd
Cunningham, Wm. church officer, 1-A Madeira
Cunningham, Wm. 4 Hope terrace, Leith
Cunningham, AVilliam, tailor, 22 Earl Pres-
ton street
Cunningham, Mrs, 1 Portland terrace
Cunningham, Mrs, 18 Graham street
Cunningham, Mrs, 6 Gladstone terrace
Cunningham, Mrs, 2 Haddington place
Cunningham, Mrs, grocer, 7 So. St James' st.
Cunningham, Mrs, 16 Baltic street
Cunningham, Mrs Catherine, grocer and spirit
merchant, Lapicide place
Cunningham, Mrs Dr, 17 Salisbury road
Cunningham, Mrs Janet, refreshment rooms,
20 High street
Cunningham, Mrs J- S., 7 Royal terrace
Cunningham, Mrs Patrick, 31 Princes street
Cunningham, Miss, dressmaker, 10 Charlotte
street, Leith
Cunningham, Miss, greengrocer, 7 East
Sciennes street
Cunningham, Miss, 14 Arthur street
Cunningham, Miss, 13 Rankeillor street
Cunningham, Miss, Institution for the Edu-
cation of Young Ladies, 5 Duncan street,
Cunningham, Misses, 94 Lauriston place
Cunyngham, Sir W. H. Dick, Bart. Preston-
Ciinynghame, R. J. Blair, M.D., F.R.C.S.E.
4 St Colme street
Cunynghame, Mrs, 4 St Colme street
Curie, Andrew, joiner, 7 Glover street

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