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M'Nair, Alexander, grocer, Millerhill (west), Dal-
BI'Neil, Peter, stationer, Tranent
M'Peak, Charles, tailor, Corstorphine
M'Pherson, Jas. postmaster, 89 High st. Dalkeith
M'Queen, David, registrar, Prestonpans
M'Queen, James, joiner, Burnhouse, Jock's lodge
M'Queen, Thos. ]31ackness fishery, by Linlithgow.
M'Quoin, Rev. Joseph, St David's Caiholic
Church, Dalkeith
M 'Ritchie, Mrs, draper, Sovith Queensferry
M'Walter, Thomas, joiner, Tranent
M'Watt, Rev. James, Salton, Tranent
M'Whinnie, David, cowfeeder, Orcliardfleld, Ratlio
M'Whinnie, John, grocer, Wilkieston, Ratho
Madden, Mrs C. draper, Tranent
Maddison, Thomas, factor, Rosemaius, Ford, Dal-
_ keith
Main, Thomas, joiner, Davidson's mains
Main, Miss, farm house, Cockpen, Lasswade
Mair, Rev. Alexander, U.P. Church, Stow
Mair, Robert, stationmaster, Broxburn
Mair, Thos. shoemaker, Broxburn
Maitland, Sir A. G. R. Bart., M.P., Clifton hall,
Maltmau, Alex, forester, Malleny, Currie
Manuel, James, farmer, Newbigging, Broxburn
Marionville Industrial Institution, Restalrig—
Ebenezer Naismith, superintendent teacher ;
Mrs Hogg, matron
Mark, Jas. farmer, Easter Deans houses, Leadburn
Marr, James, of Alderstone, Mid Calder
Mai'sh, Miss, Craigentinny house, Jock's lodge
Marshal, Hugh, AVinton garden cottage, Tranent
Marshall, Arch, wriglit, Kirknewton
Marshall, Rev. D. United Presbyterian manse.
East Calder
Marshall, J. farmer, Easter Newton, Kirknewton
Marshall, James, Redcraig tile-work. East Calder
Marshall, John, Pembroke lodge, Murraj^field
Marshall, John, advocate, Curriehill house, Currie
Marshall, Robert, parochial teacher, Lasswade
JMarshall, Robt. farmer, Gateside, Kirkliston
Marshall, Robt. grocer. South Queensferry
Martin, Andrew, hotel, Corstorphine
Martin, Rev. Hu.gh, Greenliill cottage, Lasswade
Martin, J. D. Brotherton house, Mid Calder
]\Iartin, Jno. baker, 50 High st. Dalkeitli
Martin, John, baker, Broxburn
j\Iartui, William, merchant, East Calder
Martin, Wm. baker. East Calder
Martin, Mrs Ann, flesher, Ealerno
IMartin, Miss, farmer, Broomhouse, Corstorphine
Mason, Alex, gardener, Baberton lodge. Juniper
I\Iason, David, bookseller and stationer, South
ilason, George, tailor and clothier. South Queens-
.Mason, John, innkeeper, Justicelees inn. Gallows-
hall, Dalkeith
Mason, Robert, farmer, Morton Blains, Liberton
Mason, Mrs, farmer, Middleton, Crorebridge
I\[ason, Mrs, South Queensferry
IMatheson, Archibald, gardener, Plewlands, Lo-
thian burn
Matthew, J. teacher. Juniper green
Maxwell, G. dairyman, Davidson's mains
Maxwell, Hon. and Rev. Joseph C. St David's
Catholic Church, Dalkeith
Maxwell, P. farmer, Dumbryden, Slateford
Maxwell, Wm. farmer, Arniston mains, Gorebridge
Mearns, Alex, session clerk. Mid Calder
Meikle, Thomas, farmer. Juniper green
Meikle, William, farmer, Dovetshill, West Calder
Meikle, Miss, post-office, South Queensferry
Meikle, Misses, straw-hat makers. Mid Calder
Meiklejohn, John, iron founder, turner, and horti-
cultural engineer, Westfield Iron works — house,
Westland house, Dalkeith
Meldrum, Ed. Dechmont house, Uphall
Mellis, James, [J. M. and Co.), Prestonpans
Melrose, Adam, flesher and grocer, Roslin
Melrose, Andrew, Woodhall bank house. Juniper
Melrose, Wm. engineer, Penicuik
Melville, Gen. Ptt. Hon. Viscount, K.C'.B. Melville
Castle, Lasswade
Melville, James M. , W.S. Hanley, Corstorphine
Melvin, James, farmer, Bonnington, Ratho
Melvin, John, Ratho mains, Ratho
Mercer, James, & Co., tweed manufacturers, Stow
Mercer, Thos. house painter, Lasswade
Mercer, Walter, manager. Stow mills. Stow
Merricks, Hezekiah, Eskhill, Roslin
Merricks, John, Eskhill, Roslin
Merricks, Mrs James, Woodfield, Roslin
Merricks, Mrs Thomas, Penicuik
Merrilees, Thomas, Prestonpans
Merry, J. police constable, Ratho
Messer, David [Edinhurgh Water Works) Harper'
rig, by Mid Calder
Messer, T. J. Fordyce, M.D. Penicuik
Metcalfe, Wm. and Jas. ironmongers and seed mer-
chants, .59 and 61 West High st. Dalkeith
Methven, Thomas, nurseryman, Gogar nursery,
Methven, William, stationmaster, Uphall
Middlemas, John, Dechmont, TIphall
Middlemas, Robert, Ivy cottage, Jock's lodge
Middleton, James, medical practitioner. Stow
Miles, Henry, carrier, Penicuik
Millar, Geo. Braefoot cottage, Corstorphine
Millar, Jas. Whiteland, Loanhead
Millar, John, keeper of the Edinburgh water. Glen
cottage, Roslin
Millar, John, draper, Bonnyrigg, Lasswade
Millar, Robert, merchant. East Calder
Millar, Thos. farmer, Briggs, Cramond
Millar, William, draper &; clothier, Ratho
Millar, Margaret, innkeeper. Mid Calder
IMillar, Miss, dressmaker, Lasswade
Miller, George, excise officer, North Esk mill, Dal-
Miller, James, farmer, Burnhouse, East Calder
Miller, Samuel Christy, of Craigentimiy house,
Jock's lodge
Miller, T. and J. builders, Mid Calder
Miller, William, veterinary surgeon. Mid Calder
Miller, Capt. P. Loanhead
Miller, AVilliam, slater. Mid Calder
Miller, Miss, AVhite Linn house, Loanhead
Slilne, James & Son, boot and shoemakers, David-
son's mains
Milne, John, schoolmaster, session clerk, and
registrar of births, &c. Cramond
Milne, J. P. Kerroch tower, Lasswade
Milne, WUliam, gi-ocer, 25 South st. Dalkeith
Milne, W. painter, JMid Calder
Milne, Miss, 2 Lothian bank, Dalkeith
Milner, James, grocer, Curriemuirend, Junipel-
Milner, John, brick and tile manufacturer. West
Mitchell, Andrew, manager, Kirkliston distillery
Mitchell Brothers, grocers and wine merchants,
77 and 79 High st. Dalkeith
Mitchell, George, farmer, Broxburn park, and session
clerk, Broxburn
Mitchell, John, inspector of poor, Carrington,
Mitchell, Peter, lime v\-orks, Harelav/, Tranent

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