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Jamieson, G. Auldjo, Eskhill house, Inveresk
Johnston, Andrew, 96 High street, Fisherrow
Johnston, Jas. agent, Scottish Legal Burial Loan
Society, 9 Wonder street
Johnston, Robert, druggist, 89 High st. Fisherrow
Johnston, John, Lilybank, Eskside, Fisherrow
Johnstone, John, Fisherrow
Keir, P. boatbuilder and shipwright, West Bush,
Kelt, Peter, commission agent, Prospect place
Kemp, James and John, Parsonage hovise
Kemp, J. and Co. wine merchants, 25 High street
King, Geo. corn mercliant, 24 Higli st. Fisherrow
King, Eobt. collector of gentes customs, Fisherrow
Kinghorn, Andrew, contractor and gardener. High
street, Fisherrow
Eorkwood, Mrs, Dalrymple loan
KIRSOPP & SONS, woollen and linen drapers,
72 High street. [See below.)
Laing, W. {Inland Revenue), 64 High st. Fisherrow
Laing, Miss Beatrice, Cairnie house
Lauder, Alex, farmer and gardener, Goshen
Laurie, Geo. sui'geon, 32 Bridge street
Laurie, James. Smartville, Links, Fisherrow
Lawrie, Miss Catherine, Herkes loan
Lawson, Arch, and Stephen, painters and glaziers.
High street
Lawson, Wm. ( Com. Bank, Edln. ) 38 High street
Lees and Edwards, writers and notaries public,
and agents for Caledonian Insurance Co. 36
Bridge street
Lees, Thos. town-clerk, writer, and notary public,
agent for Royal Bank of Scotland, Bridge street
Legat, John and Co. tanners and curriers. Mill
hill — house, 3 Linkfield place
Legat, Robert, W.S. Esk park
Legat, D. C. leather merchant. Mill hill
Legat, Thomas, farmer. Pinkie mains
Legat, Mrs James, Mill hill
Legat, Mrs, Trafalgar lodge
Legat, Misses, Holybush house
Leitch, Jn. grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant,
postmaster, agent for Scottish Union Fire and
Life Insurance Co. and Prestongrange colliery,
and registrar of births, &c. 47 High street
Lindsay, James, spirit retailer, 151 High street
Lindsay, Mrs Samuel, Mill hill
Livingston, David, Smeaton grove
Livingstone and Carse, wholesale tea, wine, and
s^jirit merchants, High street
Logan, Mrs, Leven hall
Lorimer, Mary, dairy, 5 High street
Lothian, Rev. William, Congregational minister,
1 High street
Loudon, Alex, 12 High street
Lowe, G. gardener, Kirk park
Lyall, L. brewer. High street, Fisherrow
M'Alpine, Miss, dressmaker, lodgings, ,34 High st.
M 'Arthur, Alexander, Bridge street
M'Auslane, Wm. gardener, Inveresk
M 'Clare, John, 20 Newbigging
M'Cartney, Wm. sea-gravel merchant. New street
Established 1810.
Linlithgow and Bathgate.
Macdonald, Mrs Alex, grocer, &c. 95 High street
M'DOUGALL, T. & Son, florists, gardeners, and
seedsmen, Campie lane. (See below.)
M'Ewan, P. golf clubmaker. Golf house, Mill hill
M'Gill, Rev. H. M. minister of North Esk parish
church, Eskside
M 'Galium, M. 30 High street
M'Gechie, Geo. station-master, Inveresk
M'Isaac, Mrs, Herkes loan
Mackenzie, Mrs, Whitehouse, west
Mackenzie, Miss Hemington, Gordon cottage
Mackerall, J. spirit dealer, 150 High st. Fisherrow
Mackie, Wm. 12 Bridge street
Mackinlsiy, Alex, and Co. chemical works — house,
Bridge street
Mackinlay, John, Leven hall
Mackinlay, Archibald, spirit dealer, 35 Newbigging
Mackintosh, Cajrt. Robt. H. Sweet home, Eskside
M'Laren, Jas, spirit dealer, 62 High street
M'Leish, Miss, Bridge-end, Mill hill
MacNab, Duncan, teacher, Herkes loan
M'Nab, Jas. Burgh school, 42 High street
M'Naughton, Chas. confectioner, 88 High street
M'Nicol, Peter, & Son, Leith can-ier. Mill hiU
M'Niel, Capt. Oak lodge, Inveresk
Macqueen, Arch. 11 Bridge street
Marr, A. boot and shoemaker. High st. Fisherrow
Marsliall, H. builder, Calder cottage, Newbigging
Maxwell, Geo. wright and smith, Campie lane
Millar, And. auctioneer and appraiser, 48 High st.
Millar, John, coal merchant and contractor, New
street, Fisherrow
Millar, John, Victoria cottage, Newbigging
Millar, Peter, tanner and merchant, 4 Eskside
Millar, Thomas, tanner, Beachside house
Millar, Thos. grocer and fishing tackle merchant,
Millar, W. & J. tanners and merchants, Fisherrow
Millar, Mrs James, Spring bank
Miller, Wm. manufacturer of starch, pithina food,
and farina — house. Links, Fisherrow
Milne, Vice-Admiral Sir Alex., K.C.B. Inveresk
Milne, Miss Jane, 10 High street
Mitchell, Alex. jun. contractor to the War De-
partment, Waulk mill
Mitchell, James and Co. Wellington chemical and
s-alt works
Moffat, A. private lunatic asylum, Newbigging ho.
Montgomery, John, spii'it retailer, 66 High street,
Montgomery, Robt. grocer, 55 High st. Fisherrow
Moore, Thos. H. (of Deans and Moore) coalmaster,
Smeaton park, Inveresk
Morgan, Mrs, 4 Esk green
Morrison, Mrs, 30 Eskside
Muir, Mrs P. dairy. New street, Fisherrow
Munro, A. gardener. West Holmes, Fisherrow
Munro, Mrs, Punlar's Acre cottage
Murray, Miss, 13 Eskside
Murray, Mrs, lodgings, Eskside cottage
Neilson, Isabella, spirit retailer, 22 Eskside
Nichol, Jas. wine merchant and grocer,
49 Newbiggingf
Nicholson, Mrs Margt. private lodgings, 5 Eskside ■
Nisbet, George, smith and ironmonger, 50 High st.
Nisbet, Mrs John, 12 High street
Nish, James, grocer, 119 High street, Fisherrow
Oswald, Lady Mary, Manor house, Inveresk
T. M ' D. & SONS
Undertake the Formation of
By Contract or Otherwise,

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