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Adams, Clias. gardener, West Vermel
Adamson, Alex. Aracan cottage, Eskgreen
Aitchison, Mrs, Drummore
Aitken, Jas. Brunstane mills
Aitken, Mrs, spirit dealer, 84 High street
Alexander, Andrew, grain merchant, Grove st.
Alexander, Jn. manager, Wallyford colliery
Alison, Thos. and Peter, drapers, 113 High street
Allan, A. builder and house agent, 56 Newbigging
Allan, Geo. painter, giaziei', and paperhanger, 66-A
High street, Fisherrow
Allan, John, grocer, Carlhall
Allan, Methven, 15 High street, Fisherrow
Allan, Methven, agent, North British and Mercan-
tile Insurance Co. 56 Newbigging
Almond, Hely H. Loretto house
Anderson k, Co. Ironfounders, Musselburgh Iron
Anderson, James, Herkes loan
Anderson, Jas. sen. Bridge-end
Anderson, Jas. pharmaceutical chemist and sta-
tioner, agent for County Fire OlRce, 101 High
street and 29 Bridge street, Fisherro w — house,
105 High street
Anderson, P. tailor and clothier, 104 High street
Anderson, Miss C. 54 Newbigging
Annan, Jas. joiner and cabinetmaker, Newbigging
Archibald, Abraham, furniture dealer, 74 High st.
Archibald, M'Kenzie, gi-ocer and spirit dealer, 70
High street, Fisherrow
Archibald, E,. spirit dealer, 46 High street
Baillie, Lockhart, {I.E.) East Port house
Baillie, Mrs Geo. Bridge-end cottage. Mill hill
Bain, Chas. M. tea dealer, 125 High street
Banks, Thomas, grocer, spirit merchant, and net
agent, Sea View inn, Fisherrow
Barbour, John, baker, 49 High street, Fisherrow
Barlas, Geo. minister U. P. Church, 26 Mill hill
Baird, Jas. Inspector of police — house, Oliver pi.
Begg, Mrs M. draper, 86 High street
Bell, A. china warehouse, 71 High st. Fisherrow
Bell, Rev. W.,M.A. assist. -minister, North Esk,
12 Market street
Bennett, Misses, boarding and day school, 2 Esk gr.
Berry, Barclay, & Co. seed crushers and oil re-
finers, West Bush Oil Mills, Fisherrow
Beveridge, Eev. J. G. Inveresk manse
Bisset, Andrew, wright, S. Vennel, Fisherrow
Bisset, James, joiner, 27 Bridge street
Bisset, Eobert, builder, 15 Eskside, Fisherrow
Black, Rich, grocer, Mill hill
Black, Miss, The Cottage, Dalrymple loan
Blair, Thos. printer, 125 High street
Boak, Mrs M., Jessie villa, Fisherrow
Borthwick, Mrs, .35 Market street
Bourhill, Geo. sheepskin mat manufacturer and
wool agent, Sheepfield
Bourhill, Thos. baker, 148 High street, Fisherrow
Bourhill, W. cork manufacturer, 8 Bridge street
Bourhill, Miss, 7 Eskside
Brash & Co., Chemical works, Wellington place
Bridgeford, David F., S.S.C, 8 High street
Bridges, Mrs Jas. BeMeld house
Brockie, Jas. 35 Market street
Brodie, Miss, young ladies' select school, 3 Eskside
Brooks, Jas. tailor, 53 High street
Brooks, W. slater & glazier, 123 High street
Brown, Alex, pig dealer, Dam brae
Brown, Jas. L. tobacconist, toy and fancy bazaar,
15 Bridge street
Brown, John, 1 Linkfield, Links
Brown, Wm. Louisvale
BrovvTi, Mrs, Leven hall
Bruce, John, spirit merchant, 21 Wonder street
Burn, Mrs Wm. 58 High street, Fisherrow
Burns, J. & A. shoemakers, 96 High street
Caird, A. shijD chandler, Fisherrow
Caird, Aw. public house, New street, Fisherrow
Cairns, Jn. gamekeeper, 2 Grove street
Campbell, Ad. gardener, 29 Eskside
Campbell, Colin D. home for invalids, Roseville,
Campbell, Geo. Castle Gordon
Campbell, Jas. coal and gravel merchant. Mill hill
Campbell, John S. gardener, Newbigging
Campbell, John, Leith carrier, 1 Mill hill
Carey, Wm. house painter, 51 High street
Carlisle, Geo. High street, Fisherrow
Carrick, F. and A. edge-tool manufacturers, 1 New
street, Fisherrow
Carse, Mrs T. 14 Bridge street
Carse, Thos. agent. Royal Insvirance Co. High st.
Carse, Thos. {L. d; C.) Mansfield house
Carse, Mrs S. house painter, 8 High st. Fisherrow
Chalmers, A. private lunatic asylum, Melville
house, Fisherrow
Chalmers, Mrs, The Cottage
Chaplain, Margt. grocer, Herkes loan
Charles, Jas. boot and shoemaker, 86 High street
Charles, W. 4 Grove street
Cliristie, C. and A. Wallyford colliery
Clark, A. tailor, 16 Wonder street
Clark, D. house painter, &c. , 135 High street
Clark, Robt. horse dealer. New street, Fisherrow
Clark, William, cowfeeder, High street, Fisherow
Clark, William, brewer, 33 Bridge street
Clark, Mrs, spirit dealer, 75 High st. Fisherrow
Clapperton, A. grocer & wine merch. , 109 High »t.
Cleghorn, Jas. 18 High street
Clerk, Miss Jessie, Rosemount
Cleugh, John, Rosehall
Coldwells, Tlios. gardener. Dam brae
Colt, Mrs, Inveresk house
Commercial Bank of Scotland, oflBce, Bridge st.—
A. O. Spence, agent.
Cousin, David, city architect, city chambers, Edin.
Esk grove, Inveresk
Cowan, A. & Son, Eskside fibre works
Cowan, J. telegraph office, Newhailes station
Cowan, Michael Waistell, M.D., surgeon R.N., 153
High street
Cowan, Mrs J. 153 High street

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