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Young, William D. & Co., manufacturers of
iron and wire fences, agricultural imple-
ments, &c., 77 George street — manufac-
tory, 119 Fountainbridge
Young, W. C. [Ciistoms), 21 Admiralty st.
Voung, William, dairyman, 41 William st.
Young, William, 41 Grindlay street
Young, Wm. spirit dealer, 33 S. B. Canon-
gate — house, 11 Clermiston buildings
Young, William, C.E. {Lorimer & Y.), 4 Man-
sionhouse road
Young, Wm. {Bell & Co), 31 Broughton pi.
Young, William, 3 Cornwall street
Young, William, 6 Lothian street
Young, Mrs, 17 West Preston street
Young, Mrs, 6 Arniston place
Young, Mrs, 14 Union street
Young, Mrs, 1 Gay field place
Young, Mrs, grocer and spirit dealer, 31 Nel-
son street
Young, Mrs, 16 Clarendon crescent
Young, Mrs, 13 Howe street
Young, Mrs, spirit dealer, 24 Simon square
Young, Mrs, dairy, 79 High street
Young, Mrs, 14 Laverock bank terrace
Young, Mrs, 22 Royal circus
Young, Sirs, 1 Viewforth park
Young, Mrs, 9 Bristo place
Young, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 4 Jamaica street
Young, Mrs, 30 India street
Young, Mrs, stationer, 76 Pleasance
Young, Mrs Major, Beach house. Trinity
Young, Mrs Alex., 5 Parkside street
Young, Mrs Geo., 41 East Claremont street
Young, Mrs James, 18 Broughton street
Young, Mrs Keith, 12 Royal terrace
Young, Mrs Thomas, 13 East Preston street
Young, Mrs Thomas, Bank house, Bank
place. Ferry road
Young, Mrs Thomas, 29-A Broughton place
Young, Mrs Thos., 80 South Clerk street
Young, Mrs Wm., 14 Arthur street
Young, Mrs W. M. 23 Howard place
Young, Miss, 19 Dundas street
Young, Miss, lace cleaner, 26 India place
Young, Miss, boarding and day school, 59
Great King street
Young, Miss, dressmaker, 16 Charlotte place
Young, Miss, 5 Viewforth place
Young, Miss, 47 Gilmore place
Young, Miss, 49 Gilmore place
Young, Miss, dressmaker, 3 Cornwall street
Young, Miss M., 71 Clerk street
Young, Miss, 17 London street
Young, Misses, 5 Duke street
Young's Paraffin Light and Mineral Oil Co.
(Limited), Lochrin works — Thomas Scott,
Younger & Scott, joiners and house car-
penters, 11 Duncan street, Newington
Younger, Geo. 4 Duncan street, Drummond
Younger, James ( i". and Scott), 3 Roxburgh
Younger, John, shipowner, 5 Bennington pi.
Younger, John, ship chandler and painter, 6,
7, and 8 Commercial street — house, 5 Bon-
nington place
Younger, Robert, brewer, St Ann's brewery,
60 Abbey Hill— ho. St Ann's, Norton pi.
Younger, William, and Co., brewers. Abbey
brewery, Horse wynd, and Holyrood
brewery, South back of Canongate, Water
lane and Canon mills
Younger, Mrs, 44-a Minto street
Younger, Miss, teacher of pianoforte, 4 Dunr
can street, Drummond place
Yule, Alex., boot-top manufacturer, 13 Cathe-
rine street court — house, 24 Greenside pi.
Yule, Alex., tinsmith, Scotland street station
— house, 13 Duncan street, Drummond jdI.
Yule, David {Gen. Register House), 5 Green-
hill bank, Morningside
Yule, David C, 19 Hope terrace, Whitehouse
Yule, Geo., lodgings-keeper, 18 Moray place
Yule, General, 26 Inverleith row
Yule, James, sculptor, 11 Bread street
Yule, James L. B., 13 Windsor street
Yule, Thos. B., merchant, 10 Quality street
— house. Broom park, Granton
Zanzig, Christopf, tailor, 6 Union place
Zetland New Shipping Co. — J. B. Leask,
agent, 10 and 11 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Ziegler, John, 47 George square
Ziegler, Wilham, M.D., F.R.C.P.E., 47 George
Zoblinsky, Frederick, teacher of music, 44
Frederick street

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