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Young, A. J. advocate, 20 Albany street
Young Brothers, grocers, 12 Calton street
Young, C. & A. artists and engravers on
wood, 63 North bridge
Young, Chas. wire worker, 2 W. Crosscause-
way — house, 8 Henry street
Young, Charles tailor, 6 Frithfield
Young, Charles, 2 Glover street
Young, D. 91 Wight's place
Young, David, 49 Canongate
Young, David, blacksmith, 9 Roxburgh close
— house, 12 Queen's 2:)lace, Greenside
Young, David (./. and D. Y.)5 St James' pi.
Young, Gavin, lapidary, 63 North bridge —
house, Logie cottage, Cauonmills
Young, Geoi'ge, church-officer, Free High
church. Mound
Young, George, M.P.,Q.C., Solicitor-General
for Scotland, 28 Moray place
Young, Gaorge, 22 Calton hill
Young, Geo. tailor, 169 Fountainbridge
Young, George, bootmaker, 4 Dublin street
— house, 19 Dundas street
Young, George, 41 E. Clareniont street
Young, George, ironmonger, 12 Antigua st.
Young, George D. Blackford Farm-house
Young, Henry D. 12 Gladstone terrace
YOUNG, JAMES, & CO., Britannia Iron
and Wire Works, 27 and 29 Crosscauseway
(See below.)
Young, James, & Co. grocers and wine mer-
chants, 1 Pitt street
Young, James, dairy, 35 Giles street
Young, James, 11 Bonnington place
Young, James {Panton and T.), 9 Graham st.
Young, James, M.D. surgeon, 36 Castle st.
Young, James, S.S.C, 20 Young street
Young, James, baker, 1 Grange road — ho. 3
Young, James, contractor, 14 East Sciennes
Young, James, 9 Clai-emout street
Young, James, woollen draper and clothier,
126 High street — house, 29 Minto street
Young, James, dairyman, 48 Thistle street,
and Tyne Castle, Dairy
Young, James, bootmaker, 9 Catherine st.
— house, 27 Clyde street
Young, James, flesher, 37 N. Fort street
Young, Jas., shoemaker, 27 Fountainbridge
Young, James E.. (J. F. Macfaiiane and Co.)
12 Buccleuch place
Young, James, 27 Clyde street
Young, J. & Co. slaters, 28 Greenside street,
13 Macdowall street, and 110 Constitu-
tion street
Young, J. and D. coach lamp manufacturer,
&c. 22 Greenside st. and 11 James' pi.
Young, John Charles, M.A. classical teacher,
2 Queen street — house, Fettes row
Young, John, plumber, gasfitter, and brass-
founder, 112 Nicolson street — house, 69
Clerk street
Young, John ( Y. and S.), 1 Dublin street
Young, John, S.S.C. and N.P., 20 Young st.
Young, John C, 15 Gladstone terrace
Young, J. W., W.S., 22 Castle street
Young, John, 14 Union street, Leith
Young, John, 9 Antigua street
Young, John, 14 Parkside street
Young, John, tailor, 8 Lothian road
Young, John, spirit merchant, 8 Jamaica st.
Young, John, stationer, 4 N. St David st. —
house, S. Holy rood street
Young, John, 20 Glover street
Young, John, umbrella maker, 21 Howe st.
Young, Peter, lecturer on physiology and
histology. Veterinary college, M.D. L.R.C.S.
1 Dean terrace
Young, Robert, cork cutter, 3 Alison square
Young, Richard S. writer, 3 Great King st.
Young, Robert, 39 George square
Young, R. clockmaker, 135-A Fountainbridge
Y'oung, Robert, 45 South Clerk street
Young, Robert, Canaan grove. Church lane
Young, Thomas, and Son, tailors and clothiers,
54 North bridge
Young, Thomas, 5 Union place, Bonnington
Young, Thomas, marble cutter, 22 Broughton
Young, Thomas, joiner, 1 Lothian read
Young, Thomas, printer, 3 William street
Young, Thomas, joiner, 26 Maryfield place
Young, Thomas, tailor, 73 Nicolson street
Young, Thomas, 7 Saunders' street
Young, W. & D. and Co., wine and spirit
merchants, 17 Cowgate head
Young, Walter, 3 Trafalgar street
24-inch Netting, 1-^ in. Mesb, with Prize Wire Rope in do., all Galvanised, 4|d. per lineal yard.
Other widths in proportion.

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