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West of Scotland Steam Power Boot Manu-
facturers, Eclinr. Depot, 41 South bridge,
J. Greig, manager — ho. 59 Broughton st.
West, John, engraver, 54 Buccleuch street
West, Mrs, 9 Gladstone place
West, Miss, 25 Cumberland street
West, Miss, 2 Mansfield place
West, Miss, 16 Morton street
Weston, John, baker, 178 Pleasancc
Weston, Samuel, house painter and glazier,
23 Home street — house, 46
Weston, Thos, victual dealer, 75 Kirkgate —
house, 4 Glover street
Weston, ]\Irs, 3 Catherine street
Weston, Mrs, 2 West St Anthony place
Westren, Peter, goldsmith, jeweller, and
lapidary, 103 Princes street — lio. 3 Dick pi.
Westren, Peter, manufacturing jeweller, 110
Rose street (lane)
Westwater, Wm. superintendent Gi'anton
iron works, Granton
Westwater, Eobert, 18 Eosemount buildings
Westwood, Alex. 1 Paterson's court, Old
Wetherstone, Hugh, flesher, 2 Howe street —
house, 32 Hugh Miller place
Whamond, D. shoemaker, 48 Pleasance
Wharton, G. & Co., scale and beam makers,
150 High street
Wharton, G. ((?. IF. and Co.), 18 Flesh-
market close
Wharton, John, tailor, 16 Roxburgh place
Wharton, Mrs James, fish merchant, 5 Gil-
mour St. Paul's work — ho. 13 St John's st.
Wheatley, Leonard A. 31 Morrison street
Wheeler & Wilson, Sewing and Lamb Knitting
Machine Company, 111 Princes street —
W. W. Kennedy, agent
Whigham, Miss E. draper and hosier, 6 Howe
Whigham, Misses, 4 Clerk street
Whillas, Alex. M. 13 Wright's houses
Whillas, John, wright and undertaker, 2
Riego street — house, 6 Heriot bridge
Whillas, Elizabeth, teacher, 6 Heriot bridge
Whillas, Wm. saddler, 10 W. Lauriston place
Whillas, Misses, dressmakers, 19 Bristo st.
White, Moir, & Co. commission merchants,
41 Bernard street
White, Burns, & Co. skinners, tanners, and
wool merchants, Bonnington
White, Alex, plumber, gasfitter, zincworker,
and bath manufacturer, 3 York place — ho.
15 Drummond sti-eet
White, Alex, grocer and wine merchant, 22
Couper street — ho. 21
White, Alexander, 15 Drummond street
White, Alex. H. 10 Scotland street
White, Alex, grocer and victual dealer, 39
Dundas street — house, 10 Baker's place
White, Alex. 17 Barony street
White, Alex, wholesale fish merchautj 4
Coburg lane
White, Alex, brass rule maker, 7 Forbes st.
White, And. joiner, 3 Freer street
White, And. flesher, 15 Drummond street
White, Andrew, 42 Albany street, Leith
White, C. house painter, 18 Dundas street
White, Charles S. 204 Rose street
White, Col., Viewville, Ferry road
White, Col., Viewfield house, Granton road
White, David, spirit merchant, 161 High st.
— house, 4 Infirmary street
White, David, mason, 16 Dewar place
White, Geo. greengrocer, 1 Clyde street
White, Henry, 13 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
White, Henry, 14 Hawthorn bank terrace
White, Henry S. missionary, 21 Couper st.
White, James, mason, Dublin street lane
White, James, chimney SAveeper, 36-A Cum-
berland street
White, James, china, crystal, and stoneware
merchant, 86 S. B. of Canongate — house,
12 East Adam street
White, James, stockbroker and marine insur-
ance agent, 51 Princes st. — ho. 37 Castle st.
White, James {Carfrae and W.), 2 Hay's
court, Main point
White, Jas. {Customs), 1 Hawthorn bank pi.
White, James, plumber and gasfitter, 5 Grove
place — house, 6
White, James, lodgings, 2 Broad wynd, Leith
White, James, 2 Murray st., Crosscauseway
White, J. Carter, Dahy burn
White, John, plumber and gasfitter, 10 S. St
Andrew street, and 40 Leith street — house,
4 Duke street
White, John, grocer, 119 West port — house,
23 Lauriston street
White, John L. draper, 28 Rosebank cottages
White, John A. agent, ( U. Bank of S.), 14
Bernard street
White, John, baker, 3 Duke st. — ho. 4 York pi.
White, John, cabinetmaker, 22 Greenside pi.
— house, 13 Moray street
White, John, jeweller and pawnbroker, 6
Brunswick st. — house, 27 Howe street
White, John, successor to "W. B.
Mackenzie, manufacturer of Shet»
land shawls, &c,, 12 Frederick st.
— house, 34 Manor place
White, John, shoemaker, 18 N.-W. Circus pi.
White, John, saleroom, 182 High street
White, John, painter, paperhanger, and gla-
zier, 32 Causewayside
White, John, shipmaster, 7 Prince Consort
place. Ferry road
White, John, butler, 19 Brunswick street
White, John, cabinetmaker, 1 00 Gilmore pi.
White, John, victual dealer, 14 Moray st. —
house, 13
White, John, 10 N. St Andrew st.— house, 9
Laverock bank. Trinity
WhitejNicholas, auctioneer, 3 Tolbooth wynd,
Leith — house, 5 Springfield, Leith walk
White, Norman, jobbing smith, Lamb's close

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