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Wallace, James, 7 South Norton place
Wallace, John, 8 Henderson place
Wallace, John, spirit merchant, 14 Great
Junction street — house, 13
Wallace, John, lithographic draughtsman, 11
Melbourne place
Wallace, Dr Mackenzie, 25 India street
Wallace, M. {Macfmiane and W.) 9 Castle
Wallace, P. teacher of music, 138 Nicolson st.
Wallace, Peter, spirit mercht. 1 Albany lane
Wallace, R. B. {Customs), Bathfield house
Wallace, Rev. R., D.D., 17 Gayfield square
Wallace, Robert, traveller, 1 Glengyle ter.
Wallace, T. boot and shoe maker, 69 Brough-
ton street
Wallace, Thomas, mattress maker, 29 Grind-
lay street
Wallace, Thomas, 5 Alva place
Wallace, Thomas, 19 Panmure place
Wallace, W, of Busbie, Wester Dairy house.
Dairy road
Wallace, William, baker, 1 Maitland street,
Wallace, WilHam D., S.S.O. 31 Alva street
Wallace, William {City Fiscal' s Office, City
chambers), 1 Rankeillor street
VVallace, Mrs, 43 East Claremont street
Wallace, Mrs, greengrocer, 38 Jamaica st.
Wallace, Mrs, Drummond lodge, 6 Merchis-
ton place
Wallace, Mrs, 7 Elder street
Wallace, Mrs A. 2 Fountain close, 28 High st.
Wallace, Mrs John, 20 Glover street
Wallace, Miss Catherine, flesher, 341 Cowgate
Wallace, Miss Jane, teacher of music, 138
Nicolson street
Wallace, Miss, fruiterer and confectioner, 17
S. College st. — ho. 138 Nicolson street
Wallace, Misses, 9 Pilrig street
Wallace, Misses, and Bi'own, Berlin reposi-
tory, 132 George street
Walls, James, wine and spirit dealer, 2-b
Jamaica street
Walls, John, S.S.C. 33 Heriot row
Walls, John, printer, 7-B St Patrick square
Walls, Peter, joiner and cabinetmaker, 5
_ Albany street, Leith
\falls, W. B. general manager for Scotland
for the Albert Life Assurance Co. {Scottish
Branch), 5 St Andrew square
Walls, William, 1 Dryden place
W^almesley, Rev. Henry, 17 Lauriston street
Walsh, R. deputy assistant superintendent
I of stores, Edinburgh castle
j Walsh, Mrs, 17 St Patrick square
Walsh, Mrs, 18 Leopold place
Walters, George, curator, Royal Institution
and National Gallery
i Walton, Geo. 59 Bristo street
, Walton, James, railway guard, 44 Abbey hill
j Walton, Rich, glassmaker, 10 Comely Green
I place
Wanless, Robert, gardener, 8 Merchiston ter.
War Office, Military Store, Castle— C. H.
Rumbold, assist.-superintendent
Warburg, M. A. & Co. grain and general com-
mission agents, 2 Baltic street, Leith
Wai'burton, Charles, 8 Springfield
Warburton, John, 27 Hercles street
Warburton, Mrs, 1 Bishop's close
Ward, Edwin, gardener, Lochend
Ward, Mrs W. F. 16 East Norton place
Wardale, Thos. saw maker, 44 Grassmarket
— house, 3 Spittal street
Wardale, Miss, teacher of music, 3 Spittal
Warden, Francis, 29 Maryfield place
Warden, Wm. & Co. oil merchants and dry-
salters, 7 Ronaldson's buildings — house, 13
Claremont cresent
Warden, Mrs, 3 Randolph cliff
Warden, Miss, 20 Heriot place
Wardlaw, Adam Low, surgeon, 23 Forth st.
Wardlaw, A. smith, 18 Broughton street
Wardlaw, Sir Arch. Bart. 16 Broughton pi.
Wardlaw, George, lithographic printer, 6
Chessel's court
Wardlaw, Henry, rag merchant, 329 Canon-
Wardlaw, Henry, lodgings, 39 Nicolson st.
Wardlaw, John F., W.S., 3 N. St Andrew st.
— ho. Willowbank house, Newhaven road
Wardro'p, John R. tutor, 2 S.-W. Circus place
Wardrop, Maitland {Brown and W.), The
Lodge, Forbes road
Wardrop, Thomas, confectioner, 30- A Green-
side street
Wardrop, Mrs, 1 Hamilton place, High riggs
Wardrop, Jane, dyer of lace and crape, 322
Wares, Alex, traveller, 46 Pleasance
Wares, Mrs J., 40 St Leonard street
Warner, John, lodgings, 45 Albany street
Warnock, Robert, 138 Pleasance
Warrack, John & Co. merchants and insur-
ance brokers, agents for Alliance Marine
Insurance Co. of London, 43 Constitution
Warrack, John (-7, W. and Co.), 14 Carlton
Warraker, William, brassfounder, 14 West
Nicolson street — house, 25 Rankeillor st.
Warren, James Low, H.P. surgeon, 7th Hus-
sars, 4 Melville street
Warren, John {G.P.O.), 4 Mayfield street,
Warrender, Sir Geo. Bart. Bruntsfield house,
Whitehouse loan
Warrick and Baillie, wine and spirit mer-
chants and rectifiers, 6 Foxe's lane, St
Andrew street, Leith
Warrick, Ales, grocer, 13 Couper street
Warrick, William ( If. and Baillie), 12 Clare-
mont park

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