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Vallance, George, 1 Gajfield place
Vallance, Hugh Flint, 30 Upper Gray street
Vallance, Jas. Lovers' Loan cottage, Carlung
Vallance, Jas. 15^ Port Hamilton
Vallance, Jno. carver and gilder, 2 Salisbury
Vallance, John, jun. coal merchant, 3 Port-
Hamilton — house, 10 St Anthony place
Vallance, Thomas, grocer, 30 Potterow
Vallance, William, grocer, 116 West port
Vallance, Wm. baker, 6 Glanville place — ho.
11 West Claremont street
Vallance, Wm. F. portrait painter, 3 Macnab
Vallance, Wm. confectioner and pastry baker,
13 Hanover street and 5 Calton street — ho.
4 Calton hill
Vallance, Mrs, Berlin wool warehouse, 29
George IV. laridge — house, 47
Vallance, Mrs, grocer, 99 Causewayside
Vanaghan, Samuel, 1 South St James' st.
Vannan, Wm. H. printseller, 1 Tarvit st.
Vary, Miss, 22 Comely bank
Vass, Mrs, laundress, 4 Starbank place
Veitch, A. & J. cabinetmakers, W. Lauriston
place — house, 19 Bristo street
Veitch, A. D. (assistant clerk of Justiciary,
General Register Hoxhse), 24 Melville ter.
Veitch, Alex. 11 Parkside st.
Veitch, Alex, spirit merchant, 89 W. Foun-
tainbridge — house, 88
Veitch, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant,
2 & 4 Cowgatehead — ho. 2 Heriot mount
Veitch, Andw. 3 Whitehead place
Veitch, David, 68 Cumberland street
Veitch, George, coach painter, 15 Drum-
mond street
Veitch, George missionary, 23 Lauriston
Veitch, Geo. S. (yBank of Scot. Southern dis-
trict), 13 Castle terrace
Teitch, Rev. James, D.D. 8 N. Merchiston
Veitch, Jas. hotel, 120, 122, and 124 George
Veitch, James, 37 Commercial street
Veitch, John Campbell, cooper, 28 Port-Hope-
toun — house, 60 Brunswick street
Veitch, John, 6 Montague street
Veitch, John, assistant librarian of univer-
sity, 17 St Patrick square
Veitch, John, water oificer, 40 Cumberland
Veitch, Robt. coal merchant, 8 Abbey hill
Veitch, Robert, cowfeeder, 32 Dean st.
Veitch, Thomas, bootmaker, 163 Cowgate
Veitch, Wm. 5 Lauriston park
Veitch, Wm. cabinetmaker, upholsterer, un-
dertaker, and house agent, 54 George st.
and 28 Torphichen street
Veitch, W. W. 13 Arthur street, LeithWalk
Teitch, Mrs, 5 Upper Grove place
Veitch, Mrs J. 10 St Patrick squai'e
Veitch, Mrs Thomas, 24 Gardner's crescent
Veitch, Mrs, lodgiugs, 1 Darnaway street '
Veitch, Mrs. of Stewartfield, 7 Picardy place
Veitch, Mrs, ladies' nurse and midwife, 62
India place
Veitch, Mrs, spirit dealer, 3 Cumberland st.
— house, 21 Clyde street
Veitch, Mrs, 20 Middle Arthur place
Veitch, Mrs E. laundress, 2 Hamilton's entry,
Bristo street
Veitch, Misses, C. & R., toy warehouse, lO.'n
Nicolson street
Veitch, Misses, 5 Buccleuch place
Veni, Mrs, George, lithographer and ticket
writer, 227 High street — house, 20 Spittal
Vere, Mrs, 10 Gayfield square
Vernon, J. E. jeweller, watchtnaker, and op-
tician, 54 Leith st. and 17 Lothian road —
house, 13
Vernon J. 27 Chevne street
VERUON, â– WILLIAM F., surgeon-
dentist, 80-B Princes street (*SV'
Adv. at end.)
Vernon, Mrs, 15 Salisbury road
Vertue, Duncan, H.E.I. C.S. 3 Eton terrace
Vertue, George (ir. V. and Co.), 42 India
Vessey, Mrs, superintendent, Ulbster Indus-
trial school, Water of Leith
Vessie, David, bookbinder, 7 Wiudmill street
Veterinary College, 8 Clyde street
Vibart, Captain M. J. Adjutant Edin. City
Volunteers, 4 Queen's crescent
Victoria Foundry, Springfield, Leith walk —
R. C. Smith, proprietor
Victoria Lodging-house, 85 West port
Victoria Lodging-house, 1 15 Cowgate — John
Smith, superintendent
Victoria Lodging-house, 2 Merchant st. —
R. Young, superintendent
Vincent, John, wine and spirit merchant, 5
Bernard st. — house, 37
Virtue, William, and Co. wine merchants, 8
Constitution street
Virtue & Co. publishers, 46 Nicolson st. —
James Dickson, agent
Virtue, Wm. tailor, 22 Melville terrace
Vueghs, Louis, prof, of dancing et maintieii,
117 George street
Vulcan Foundry Co., Bonnington road —
Robt. Trail
Wach, Peter P. F. shoemaker, 163 Pleasancc-
— ho. 15 Crown street
Wach, Frederick, shoemaker, 1 Water lane„
Leith — ho. 15 Crown street
Waddell, A. Peddie, W. (./. and A. Peddle),
4 Great Stuart street
Waddell, James Claremont park, Leith
Waddell, Peter, Claremont park, Leith
Waddell, Robert, 9 Antigua street

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