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• Turpy, George, stables, 6 Park place
Turpy, Mrs, 17 Eose street
Tuting, Mrs, 40-A Northumberland street
Tweedale, Eobert, flesher, 42 Bridge street
— house, 43
Tweeddale, J. provision merchant, 27 Pitt
Tweeddale, Jas. shoemaker, 14 N.-W. Circus
Tweeddale, Jas. printer, 54 W. Richmond st.
Tweedie & Johnston, fruiterers, 32 Clerk st.
Tweedie, James, grocer and spirit merchant,
49 St Leonard's street
Tweedie, Jas. engineer, 8 King's place
Tweedie, John, 25 Morrison street
Tweedie, Jno. R.N., Craigend villa, Ferry
Tweedie, John, draper, 13 India street
Tweedie, Peter, 4 Gladstone terrace
Tweedie, Thomas, 35 East Claremont street
Tweedie, William, clerk, 1 Rockville place
Tweedie, Mrs John, 19 N. Mansionhouse road
Tweedie, Mrs Peter, 12 Howe street
Tyrrell, Walter, goldbeater, 74 Rose street —
house, 23 Melville terrace
Tytler, James Stuart, W.S. 19 Castle street
—house, 36 Melville street
Udnt, Mrs, 1 Merchiston avenue
Underwood, Jos. confectioner, 9 Grindlay st.
Underwood, T. S. baker, 37 St Leonard's st.
Underwood, Eliz. grocer, 19 High street
Union Assurance ofi&ce, 98 George street —
John Laui'ie, agent — ho. 13 Union st. Leith
Union Bank of Scotland, Parliament square,
62 George street, 9 Downie place, 245
Canongate, and 14 Bernard street
Union Barm Company, 44 Candlemaker row
Union Canal Co.'s Ofl&ce, 1 Port-Hopetoun —
Peter Aitken
United Industrial School, South Gray's close,
56 High street — C. Ferguson, teacher
United Kingdom Electric Telegraph Coy.
(Limited), 1 Hanover st. and 41 Constitu-
tion st. — Wm. Andrews, general manager
United Kingdom Electric Telegraph Com-
pany (Limited), 41 Constitution street —
F. Wildbore, general manager
United Kingdom Temperance and General
Provident Institution, 1 Northumberland
street — W. Ferguson, secretary
United Mercantile Agency office — Cooper,
Craig, and Craig, agents, 4 George street,
and London, Glasgow, and Dublin
United Operative Masons' Association, 1
Lyon's close, 215 High street
United Presbyterian Church offices, 5 Queen
street — Rev. D. W. Morris, 2 Henderson
place, Ferry road, librarian: Rev. H.-M.
Macgill, foreign secretary ; James Peddie,
W.S. 6 Queen st. treasurer ; Wm. Robert-
son, 35 Barony street, sub-treasurer ; Geo.
Swanston, officer
United Service Club, 14 Queen street — H.
Astley Hardinge
Universal Life Assurance Society — Mac-
naughton & Finlay, W.S. agents, 18 Yomng
University Club, 127 Princes street
University of Edinburgh, Court of the — sec.
John Christisou, W.S. 40 Moray place
University of Edinburgh Factor's office, 61
Castle st. — John Cook, W.S. — hours 10 to 3
Upton, T. 1 Blenheim place
Ure, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 50 India place
Urmston, Capt. A. H. 22 AthoU crescent
Urquhart, Alexander, boot and shoe maker,
36-B Frederick street — ho. 43 India i^lace
Urquhart, Andrew, bootmaker, 51 Arthur st.
Urquhart, Cbas. grocer, 52 Thistle street
Urquhart, C. cabinetmaker, 8 Tarvit street
Urquhart, D. S. parcel agent, N. B. Railway,
7 Cornwall street
Urquhart, Geo. blacksmith. Circus lane —
house, 7 N.-W. Circus place
Urquhart, James, sec. and superintendent
Scottish Coast Mission, 5 St Andrew square
— house, 35 Scotland street
Urquhart, J. W. {B. L. Co.) Agra villa, 31
Lauder road
LTrquhart, John, carter, 9 Ingliston street
Urquhart, K. house-carpenter, cabinetmaker,
and undertaker (workshops, 36 Bristo st,),
9 Charles street — ho. 18
Urquhart, R. wholesale druggist, drysaltery
and commission agent, 56 Constitution st.
Urquhart, Mi's, 5 St Colme street
Urquhart, Mrs, lodgings, 4 E. St James st.
Urquhart, Mrs, 17 Cheyne street
Urquhart, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 35 Jamaica st.
Urquhart, Miss, teacher, 6 Charlotte place
Usher, Andrew, and Co. distillers, wine and
spirit merchants, 22, 24, and 26 W. Nicol-
son street, and Edinburgh Distillery,
Sciennes st. — malting and bonded stores,
St Leonard's depot
Usher, Andrew (.4. U. & Co.), 30 Blacket pi.
Usher, J. and T. brewers, 106 St Leonard's st.
Usher, John {A. U. d- Co), 13 Minto street
LTsher, T. County Buildings — ho. 4 Tarvit st.
Usher, Thos. sherifF-clerk dei^ute, 83 Con-
stitution street
Usher, Thomas, 22 Minto street
Ushei', Mrs, 16 Lynedoch place
Usher, IMiss, 4 Sylvan place
Usherwood, Mrs, laundress, 10 St John's hill
Utterson, Robert, spirit dealer, 24 Potterrow
— house, 8 Nicolson square
Utterson, Robert, contractor, 4 Pillans' place
Utterson, Mrs, French staymaker, 30 Fred-
erick street
Valentine, John (J. V. & Co.), 8 Seton pi.
Valentine, John, and Co., wholesale ware-
housemen, 4 North bridge
Vallance, Alex, joiner. 20 Pilrig Model bdg».

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