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Turubull and Spears, letterpress printers, 21
George street
TurnbuU, Salvesen, and Co. com. merchants
and ship brokers, 23 Sandport street and
Harbour head, Granton
Turnbull, Alex, commission agent, 90 Consti-
tution street
TurnbuU, Alex, inspector, N. B. Eailway —
house, 17 Citadel
Turnbull, A. merchant, 4 E. Broughton place
Turnbull, A. W. 9 Argyle terrace, Dairy bank
Turnbull, E. A. com. traveller, 19 Gilmore pi.
Turnbull, Geo. {T. and Huth)—h.o\xs^y 5
Glanville place
Turnbull, Geo. pastry cook, 89 Prince Albert
Turnbull, Geo. V. {T., Salvesen, and Co), 26
Drummond place
Turnbull, J. and J., W.S. 16 Thistle street
Turnbull, J. painter, 37 Candlemaker row
Turnbull, J. Rutherford, physician and sur-
geon, 104 Lauriston place
Turnbull, James, assistant clerk of session,
51 Dick place
Turnbull, James {Register office), 9 Lonsdale
Turnbull, Jas. {T. and Spears), 26 Dublin st.
Turnbull, Jas., W.S. (■/. and J. T.), Coltbridge
Turnbull, James, 18 Livingston place
Turnbull, John, draper, 2 W. Nicolson st.
Turnbull, John, merchant, 6 George place
Turnbull, John {Taylor and T.), 25 South
CIgi'Ic strGclj
TurnbuU, John, W.S. of Abbey St Bathans,
49 George square
TurnbuU, John, accountant and agent, Na-
tional Bank of Scotland, Leith — house,
11 India street
TurnbuU, John M. photographer, 14 Nicol-
son square
Turnbull, Patrick, W.S. 34 India street
Turnbull, Patrick, C.A. 7 Young st. — house,
Windsor villa, West Coates
Turnbull, Richard, 3 Victoria street
Turnbull, Robert, linen draper, baby
linen and ladies' underclothing
warehouse, 59 and 60 South
bridge — ho. 2 Mayfield ter.
TurnbuU, Robert, 2 Tobago place
TurnbuU, Robt. merchant, 6 Mansfield place
Turnbull, W. E. {Lyon & T.), 8 Lauriston lane
Turnbull, Walter H. grocer and spirit mercht.
139 Kirkgate — ho. 6 George pi. Leith walk
Turnbull, William, accountant {Royal Bank
of Scotland), 14 Lansdowne crescent
TurnbuU, Wm. watch and clock maker, 15
Catherine street
TurnbuU, Wm. 2 Helen place
Turnbull, Wm. draper, 2 W. Newington pi.
TurnbuU, Wm. smith and edge tool maker,
13 Duke st. — house, 9 Glover street
Turnbull, Wm. W. {N, B. i?.),4 W. Catherine
Turnbull, Mrs, grocer, 1 Windmill lane
TurnbuU, Mrs, boarding and day school, 26
Dublin street
Turnbull, Mrs, 12 Clarence street
Turnbull, Mrs, 19 Home street
Turnbull, Mrs, 43 South Clerk street
Turnbull, Mrs, 22 Melville terrace
Turnbull, Mrs, Windsor villa, West Coates
Turnbull, Mrs, 7 Little King street
TurnbuU, Mrs, 25 Earl Grey street
Turnbull, Mrs, dressmaker, 2 Parkside sti'eet
Turnbull, Mrs, 90 Kirkgate
Turnbull, Mrs George, 2 Roxburgh street
TurnbuU, Mrs Hugh, 8 Wharton place
Turnbull, Miss, 14 Fettes row
Turnbull, Miss, 21 Union street
Turnbull, Miss, teacher of pianoforte, 4 Dun-
can street, Drummond place
TurnbuU, Misses, boarding school, 41 Drum-
mond place
Turner, Alex, lathsplitter, Upper Grove place
— house, 52 Grove street
Turner, Daniel, 18 Hugh Miller place
Turner, David, draper, 31 South bridge — ho.
55 South Clerk street
Turner, David, sailmaker, 11 Dock place —
house, 3 Albany street, Leith
Turner, George, 104 Nicolson street
Turner, James, 13 Arthur street, Leith walk
Turner, Jas., & Co. engravers, lithographers,
and general steam-printers, 27 Lothian rd.
Turner, James, wine and spirit merchant,
29 Lothian road — house, 23
Turner, James, jun. {J. T. and Co.), 77 St
Cuthbert's glebe, Lothian road
Turner, J. china merchant, 35 Thistle street
Turner, James, goldsmith, 24 Arthm- street
Turner, Peter, victual and spirit merchant,
18 Clerk street — house, 1 Duncan street,
Turner, Thomas, wire-worker, 251 High st.
Turner, Thos. commission agent, 10 Welling-
ton place, Leith
Turner, Rev. W. So. Gray's close
Turner, W. N. stationer, bookseller, and
news-agent, 49 Tolbooth wynd, Leith^ —
house, 51
Turner, William, merchant, 9 Macnab street
Turner, William, professor of anatomy, 6
Eton terrace
Turner, WiUiam, draper, 290 Lawnmarket
Turner, William, 23 Maitland street
Turner, Mrs, 21 Riego street
Turner, Mrs P. 2 Baxter's place
Turner, Mrs, 13 London street
Turner, Mrs, 40-a Northumberland street '
Turner, Mrs Dugald, Myrtle bank, York"
road. Trinity
Turner, Mrs E. spirit mercht. 32 Whitfield
Turner, Mrs, 13 Calton hill
Turner, Miss, 16 Drumdryan street
Turpie, Miss, 23 Grange road . ■ ''

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