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Local Events in 1896.
Jan. 7th — Public Welcome to Mr James C. Smith, new Kector of Stirling High
School, and Mr Stewart Alan Robertson, new English Master.
„. 23rd— Presentation of Address to Mr R. B. Stewart, President, Stirling
Railway Mission, on leaving Stirling.
„, 31st — Celebration of Centenary of Burden's Brewery.
Death rate for the month, 23 - 2 ; number of deaths, 33.
Feb. 3rd — Discovery of Human Remains on site of old Queen's Hotel.
,,, 10th— Gift of £25 to Stirling High School by an "old boy," Mr P. J.
Mackie, of Auclochan, Coal burn.
„ 10th — Police Commissioners resolved to appoint an Inspector of Police for
night duty in Stirling.
„ 21st — Golden Wedding of Mr and Mrs Colin M'Innes, Lower Bridge Street.
Death rate for the month, 18*3 ; number of deaths, 26.
Mar. 2nd— Stirling School Board resolved to proceed with additions to Craigs
School to cost about £700.
„ 16th — Mr John M'Donald, Dundee, entered upon his duties as Police Night
Inspector in Stirling.
„ 25th — Presentation of Address to Rev. John Chalmers, M.A., Stirling, on the
occasion of his semi-jubilee.
„. 26th — Presentations to Mr L. Baker, Stirling High School, on commencing
his fortieth year in the High School.
„ 27th — Presentation to Mr John Brewster, Stirling, Secretary, on the occasion
of the celebration of 21st anniversary of Lodge "Court Hope of
Snowdon," A.O.F., No. 6087, Stirling.
„. 28th— Presentation to Mr A. F. Hutchison, by Stirling Branch of the
Educational Institute of Scotland, on retiring from the active duties
of his profession.
Retirement of Mr J. R. L. Douie from the factorship of Polmaise
Death rate for the month, 148 ; number of deaths, 21.
April 3rd — Presentation of Richardson Trophy to Stirling Chess Club.
„ 3rd — Duncan Cameron, railway porter, run over, and died in Royal
Infirmary on Saturday evening.
„. 4th — Fire at Wester Cornton Farm — damage, £300.
, r 10th — Stirling Agricultural Society resolved by 29 votes to 18 to recommend
the Town Council to alter the Grain Market from Friday to Thursday.
„ 13th — Burgh Commissioners resolved to provide night policemen with
silent boots.
„ 14th — Burgh Licensing Court. One grocer's license in St Ninians with-
drawn. Magistrates recommended all back doors be closed up.

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