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Gillespie, John, builder, 35 Cowane st Gowans, Miss Mary, Maxwell pi
Gillespie, Wm., bootmaker, 10 Wallace st Gowans, Miss Isabella, The Abbey
Gillespie, David, nailer, 29 Bannock- Gowanlock, John Tait, clergyman, 6
burn rd Gladstone place
Gillespie, Mrs Mary, 46 Lower castlehill Graham, Alex., grocer, 3 Broad st
Gillespie, Miss Margaret, 35 Cowane st Graham, George, photograper, Bridge of
Gillespie, Miss Janet, 52 Upper craigs Allan
Gilfillan, James, plasterer, 3 Kirk wynd Graham, Mrs Margaret, 104 Upper craigs
Gilfillan, James, painter, 31 Lower bridge Graham, Alexander, teacher, 25 Dumbar-
street ton road
Gilmour, William, gardener, 67| Port st Graham, James, carter, 81 Lower bridge st
Gilmour, David, bootmaker, 36 Queen st Graham, John, mole catcher, 17 Douglas st
Gilmour, William, mason, 19 Bruce st Graham, Wm., railway agent, 8 Wallacest
Gilvear, Mrs Marion, 22 Lower castlehill Graham, Robert, coachman, 59 Main st
Ging, Michael, labourer, 30 Broad st Graham, Mrs Margaret, 10 Abercromby pi
Ging, Austing, labourer, 33 Raploch Graham, Thos. G., draper, Barnton st
Ging, James, labourer, 40 Raploch Graham, James L., music teacher, 47
Ging, Thomas, labourer, 9 Raploch Port st
Girvan, Martin, dairyman, 29 Lower Grant, George, shoemaker, 17 Main st
castlehill Grant, Gordon, police superintendent,
Girvan, Thomas, surfaceman, 10 Lower 22 James st
bridge st Grassam, Mrs Mary, 11 Newhouse
Girvan, Miss Mary J., 14 Arcade Gray, Hugh, sawyer, 23 Broad st
Givin, John, postman, 53 Port st Gray, James, compositor, 8 George st
Glancey, Peter, labourer, 23 Broad st Gray, Robert, ironmonger, 15 Nelson pi
Glass, Wm., spirit dealer, 27 Baker st Gray, Thos., painter, 73 Upper bridge st
Glasgow, Mrs Agnes, 52 Murray pi Gray, Henry, mill worker, 56 Cowane st
Glen, Mrs Helen, 17 Bruce st Gray, Robert, painter, 33 King st
Glen, Thomas, mason, 53 Newhouse Gray, James, carter, 37 George st
Glen, Mrs Jane, 35 Cowane st Gray, James, seedsman, 15 Melville terr
Glen, Mrs Margaret, 46 Main st Gray, James, seedsman, 4 Gladstone pi
Glover, Jas., tailor and clothier, 3 Gray, John, millworker, 6 Baker st
Windsor place Gray, Alexander, mason, 47 Cowane st
Goodfellow, Miss Catherine, 15 Upper Gray, George, cashier, 17 Bruce st
bridge st Gray, Mrs Mary, 20 Bow st
Goodbrand, Wm., clerk, 1 Springfield pi Gray, Mrs Jessie, 4 Gladstone pi
Goldie, David, coach trimmer, 3 Abbey Gray, Miss Mary, Melville terrace
road place Greig, Alex., tailor, 52 Barnton st
Goldie, Wm. F., clergyman, 7 Albert pi Greig, Miss Margaret. 4 Allan park
Goldsmith, Arthur, postman, 48 Broad st Greive, Mrs Agnes, 7 Murray pi
Gordon, Thomas, storeman, 1 Abbey road Grieve, James, tanner, 5 Drummond pi
place Green, David S., ironmonger, 55 Wallace
Gordon, Alex., shoemaker, 23 George st street
Gould, John, engineer, 33 Lower craigs Greenhorn, James, fisher, 69 Wallace st
Gourlay, Mrs Janet, 5 Park avenue Greenhill, James, fisher, Abbey road
Gourlay, William, builder, 13 Forth cres Greenwood, Robert, nailer, 18 Borestone
Govan, John, brick manufacturer, 17 place
Forth place Greenwood, Mrs Mary, 101 Main st
Govan, Joseph, builder, 2 Ballengeich rd Griffiths, Daniel, tailor, 10 Bayne st
Gow, Hugh, mason, 38 St Mary's wynd Griffiths, Wm., smith, 53 Lower bridge st
Gow, Jacob, governor of poorhouse, Gundry, James, traveller, 47 Baker st
Union st Gunn, James, Stirling Castle guide, 55
Gow, Peter, tailor, 5 Douglas st Lower bridge st
Gow, William, gardener, 12 Torbrex Guthrie, Mrs Sarah, 52 Upper bridge st
Gow, Mrs Mary, 44 Queen st Gwyne, John, weaver, 10 St John st

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