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HAL— HAir. 131
Halley & Barrie, merchants and commission agents, 2 Eoyal
Exchange Place
Brothers, haeklemakers, South Ward Eoad
David, of Halley & Barrie, Broughty Ferry
Francis, of Halley Brothers, 94 Nethergate
George, of W. Halley & Sons ; h. 145 Princes Street
John S., of W. Halley & Sons ; h. 20 Albert Street
Thomas S., wine merchant, 9 Tally St. ; h. 34 Hunter Street
William, of William Halley & Son's, Panbride, by Carnoustie
William, jun., merchant, 2 Royal Exchange Place; h.
141 Princes Street
Wm., & Sons, flaxspinners and manufacturers, St AndrewsPIace
Mrs, William Street, King Street
Halyburton, Miss, St Peter's Street
Hamilton & Co., chemists and druggists, 69 High Street; h. 32
Seafield Road
James, of Andrew Smith & Co., 63 Murraygate ; h. 1 West-
field Place
James, late teacher, Bellfield Cottage, Coldside
Mrs, 32 Seafield Road
Hand, Miss, furnishing shop, 221 Hawkhill
Handyside, George, hoot and shoe warehouse, 35 High Street, and
47 Murraygate
Hankin, James, furnished lodgings, 37 Nethergate
Misses, dressmakers and milliners, 37 Nethergate
Hannah, Joseph, sergeant of Police, 8 Rosebank Street
Hardie, James, druggist, 68 High Street ; h. 1 New Inn Entry
John, teadealer, 24 Hunter Street
John, commission agent, 8 Shore Terrace ; h. 1 Hawkhill Place
John sailmaker, D. P. & L. Shipping Co. ; h, 240 Perth Road
Mrs Helen, eatinghouse, 20 Todburn Lane
Harley, Samuel M., grocer, 47 Wellgate
Harris, Alexander, of Harris & Son, drapers, 45 Taylor's Lane
Arthur, auctioneer and appraiser, 57 Reform St ; h. Walton St.
& Son, drapers, 4 Ryehill Place ; h. 45 Taylor's Lane
James, of Harris & Son, 45 Taylor's Lane
James, corn merchant, 10 Shore Terrace; A. 6 Hawkhill Place
J. & G., furniture dealers, 2 Greenmarket ; h. Newport
William, corn merchant, 10 Shore Terrace ; h. Bellfield House^
Ferry Road
Mrs Jas., dressmaker, 6 Victoria Square, Nethergate
Harrower, G. K., merchant, 32 Castle Street ; h. Broughty Ferry
Hart, James, fruiterer, 6 Scouringburn
Rev. John, of St David's Church ; h. 3 Windsor Street
Harvey, Catherine, teacher, Powrie Place, Maxwelltown
Harwood, Henry, portrait painter, 3 Thorter Row
Hastie, William, clerk, 64 Murraygate
Hay, Adam, damask dyer, 57 Nethergate

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