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Patron — The Provost. Prestoent — Lord Kinnaird.
Vice-Presidents — Sir John Ogilvy, Bart, M.P., and George
Paterson of Castle Huntly.
Committee — Right Rev. the Bishop of Brechin, T. Weston Miln,
Thomas Erskine, Alexander Clayhills, Charles Guthrie, Edward
Baxter, John Jack, jun., Andrew Low, Thomas Smith, Archibald
Crichton, Charles Clark, William Collier, W. E. Baxter, M.P.,
Thomas Nicholson, John Sharp, Patrick Watson, George Armit-
stead, James Ramsa}', jun., Alexander Anderson, Andrew Brown,
Alexander Low, William Martin, jun., Rev. A. Taylor, Rev.
James Ewing, and Patrick Anderson.
Treasurer — Patrick Anderson. Secretary — J. S. Kelt.
The object of the Association is to improve the Lodging-Houses
for the labouring classes in Dundee, by establishing Model Lodging-
Houses throughout the town. The Association has established two
Model Lodging-Houses: —
1. The Victoria Model Lodging-House, Scott's Close, 97 Overgate.
James Simpson, Superintendent.
2. A Lodging-House for Females, Old Infirmary, King Street.
Mrs Leslie, Matron.
President — The Provost of Dundee.
Vice-Presidents— Dean of Guild Kennedy, James Donald, sen.,
A. W. Pearce.
Committee— The Rev. Dr Watson, the Right Rev. the Bishop of
Brechin, Revs. R. Lang, W. Wilson, G. Gilfillan; Convener
Nicoll ; Messrs William Cox, David RoUo, Alex. Gilruth, James
Ramsay, jun., Alex. Bell, Alex. Berrie, George C. Boase, John
A. Thorns, Patrick Anderson, and Thomas Buist.
Treasurer— Robert Nicoll, Nethergate.
Law-Secretary — John A. Swanston, writer, 46 Reform Street.
General Secretary — James Scrymgeour, Advertiser oifice.
Board of Governors.
Ex- OfiCiis— The Provost of Dundee, Sheriff Ogilvj', the Minister of
the Parish of Dundee, the Dean of Guild, the Convener of the
Nine Trades, and the Deacon of the Fraternity of Maltraen.
Elected— By the Town Council of Dundee — Councillors A. Scott
and D. Cooper. By the Town Council of Forfar — Provost Craik
and Bailie Anderson. By the Town Council of Arbroath —
Provost Lumgair and Bailie Peacock. By the Town Council of
Montrose — Provost Savege and Bailie Middleton. By the Pres-
bytery of Dundee — Rev. A. Taylor and Rev. J. A. Honey. By
the Nine Trades of Dundee — T. Brough and D. Hume. By the
Directors of the High School — P. H. Thorns and J. Henderson.
Clerk and Treasurer — D. RoUo, writer.
Auditor — A. Mann, accountant.

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