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14 Ssiall's Wynd.
President — Sir John Ogilvy, Bart, M.P.
VicE-PEEgiDENTS — W. E. Baxter, M.P., George Duncan, John
Sturrock, T. W. Miln.
DiRKCTOKs ex-Officiis — The Provost, Parish Minister, Dean of
Guild, Deacon of the Maltraen, Convener of the Nine Trades, and
Boxmaster of the Seaman's Fraternity.
Ordinaey Dieectoes— Rev. Dr M'Gavin, Rev. R. Lang ; Messrs
George Rough, Charles Clark, Andrew Low, John Symers, Alex.
Anderson, George Miller, David Cooper, James Fyffe, C. D.
Lady Goveenesses— Mrs John Ogilvie, Mrs George Gilfillan,
Mrs Shaw, Mrs David Pitcairn, Mrs Dr M'Gavin, Mrs Alexander
Easson, Mrs Patrick Watson, Mrs Robert Small. Mrs Alexander
Duncan, Miss Sturrock, Miss C. Ogilvie, Mrs A. Taylor.
Surgeon — Dr Nimmo.
Treasurer — James Fyffe. Secretary— George Milne.
Superintendents and Teachers — W. S. Peddie and Mrs Peddie.
An Institdtion foe the Refoediation of Females.
17 Paton's Lane, Peeth Road.
Established 1848, under the Patronage of Her late Royal Highness
the Duchess of Kent.
Pateonesses — Lady Kinnaird ; Lady Scott, Ancrum and Balgay.
Pateons — The Earl of Airlie, Earl of Dalhousie, Sir John Ogilvy,
Thomas Erskine of Linlathen.
Committee of Management — Lady Kinnaird, Mrs Stirling of
Gadder, Mrs Thomas Neish ; Miss Duncan, Springfield; Mrs
Shiell ; Mrs Andrew Low, Broughty Ferry ; Mrs Lingard, Tay-
Secretary and Treasurer to Ladies' Committee — Mrs Lingard.
Treasurer — Thomas Nicholson. Physician — Dr Gibson.
Matron— Mrs Marks. Missionary Visitor— Thomas Raif.
Established foe the Treatment op Imbecile and Idiot
Under the Patronage of Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen.
Directors — The Earl of Southesk, Lord Kinnaird, Sir John Ogilvy,
the Bishop of Brechin, Dr Watson, Rev. John M'Murtrie, Rev.
A. G. M'Gillivray, Rev. R. R. Lingard, Sir James Campbell,
Lieutenant-Colonel D. Laird ; John Cowan, Beeslack, Edinburgh ;
Professor Miller, Edinburgh; Professor Martin, Aberdeen; Dr
Gibson, Thomas Erskine, Major R. H. A. Ogilvy, Charles
Guthrie, Francis Molison, William Neish, R. M'Gavin, D. Small,
Andrew Low, Alexander Anderson, John Mitchell.
Physician — Dr Greig. Treasurer— Thomas NicholBon.

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